3M 2091 Replacement Filter

3M 2091 Replacement Filter

3M 2091 Replacement Filter
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3M 2091 Replacement filter fits our 6291 & 6391 3M Respirators. Sold in pairs. Each filter provides N100 quality filtration. This filter will capture 99.97% of liquid and aerosol particles that may also contain oil. This provides HEPA quality filtration that is effective against toxic and non-toxic particles. This P100 classification also exceeds CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of the influenza virus. These filters fit 3M 5000, 6000, and 7000 series facepieces and respirators. **NOTE** 3M recently began printing a manufacture date on the packaging of these filters. The filters are good for 5 years after this date.

3M 2091 Replacement HEPA Filter - Customer Reviews

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  Great Product
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Nevada

We use these while in the garden,it helps a lot with the pollen we have kicking around. We can work in the garden and feel just great with out running into the house for the allergies. Product is worth the money and the filters are not at all costly. Great product.
Reviewed by: janie t. from Dowelltown tenn

If u have never try this product it has been the best one i have ever used. i can mow all day an never get out of breath try this you will love it too
  Cut Grass Allergy Free
Reviewed by: Andy from Augusta, GA

I greatly appreciate the freedom using the 3M mask with 3M filters gives me when I cut grass. If I were to attempt cutting grass without a mask, I would not last 2 minutes without a lot of issues running nose, sneezing, congestion, etc.. With the mask, I am able to complete the yard work and move on in my day without issue.

Customer Q & A

Q1: We work in a heavy dust enviroment, and I need to know how many hrs this filter is rate for and also the micron size it filters

A: The filters for the 6291 mask will trap 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger when fitted properly. As P100 rated filters, they effective for both oil based and non-oil based aerosolized particles of this size. Replacement times will vary pretty widely depending the conditions under which you use this mask. Most people typically see 50-60 hours of use before needing to replace the filters. For environments where you are dealing with a lot of particulate in the air like an industrial setting, you may need to replace the filter a little sooner.

Q2: I'd like to know how long these filters are effective?

A: They average about 60 hours of use. That's an estimate only. It's hard to give specific times since conditions of use, rate of respiration and factors like this will determine actual filter life, and those factors can vary widely from person to person. Now, if you do NOT needing it for highly polluted areas or work environments where particulate is especially problematic, most people can get more use with some people getting 80-100 hours or more of use out of the filter set. Typically, what you'll notice, in terms of needing to change them, is if it starts to feel harder to breathe through them. At that point, the filter media is pretty saturated with particulate, and they need to be replaced. If they're damaged they need to be replaced. This filter type is the one of the best in terms of having the broadest range of particles filters, including oil based aerosolized particulate, as well as the rate of filtration HEPA. Hope that helps!

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