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3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers

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$119.99 - $184.99

3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers

3M Filtrete Air Purifiers are Allergy Friendly Products by UK Allergy & British Allergy FoundationIs it an air purifier, or a stylish, new DVD case? It's hard to tell from a few feet away. If you like quiet air purifiers that blend in with their surroundings, the Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is the one for you. With quality particle filtration and simple operation, this 3M air purifier is not only efficient but also economical.


  • Available in two sizes: The large room size covers areas up to 360 square feet; the medium room size covers areas up to 160 square feet.
  • High-performance, electrostatic filter captures 99.9% all airborne particles 0.1 microns or larger better than HEPA.
  • Allergy and Asthma Friendly Product as designated by The British Allergy Foundation and Allergy UK.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Filter change timer is included with the air purifier. This is smart indicator is not simply a timer; it actually analyzes particle build-up on the filter.
  • It's extremely easy to change the filters
  • No ozone emissions
  • 3-speed fan
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Allergy Reliever
After much debate and much research I finally came to the conclusion this Air Purifier was the one. I was not expecting to see much improvement from such a device. But to my suprise I was wrong! My furniture is clear of dust even after cleaning it over a week ago! My overall health has improved as well! I can finally sleep in comfort without having to keep a box of tissues near my bed!! On a regular basis normally I stay up all night sneezing and blowing my nose. Which then leads me to sleepy days and sleepless nights. Thank You so much 3M I couldn't have done it without this product. Im looking forward to purchasing another device and doing business with achooallergy.com! Hooray for no allergies and improve air quality! Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Air Purifier
Allergy sufferer,The purifier cleans and freshens the air in my bedroom,Really helps me to breath better at night! Review by Florence D'Amore / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Quiet and Strong
I had been having allergy problems with our dog and cat. I bought this product to put in our living room after reading reviews about this purifier being quiet. Everyone was right. I have the purifier in the living room and you can barely hear it. I have only had to adjust the volume on the television by two or three units. It has also really helped my allergies. I no longer need to use my inhaler every day. I highly recommend this product. Review by allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Great purifier
takes the dust out of the air Review by Pam / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Good for the money ...
Our son is 2 and has really bad allergies in Florida - borderline asthmatic ...after many trips to the E.R. for breathing difficulties and nebulizer treatments we noticed he was getting really congested at night primarily in bed...we decided to give one of these 3M air purifiers a try ...our bedroom is 18 * 15 so we bought the large room unit at $179. I am happy to report after 3 days nights use he is immediately breathing much better through his nose for the first time in quite awhile while sleeping. He still has chest congestion but I think this unit is definitely helping from the get go. We have moved it into the living room during the day - then move it to his bedroom at night. On high it’s pretty loud white noise...we put it on either the medium or low setting while sleeping and it’s no problem at all getting to sleep with it on. Haven't changed filters yet so I don't know how hard that will be but it looks really easy .....so it’s a good unit for the money and appears to be working well. Review by Father of 2YO allergy - asthma sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
One of the best Investments for Asthma
I have suffered from asthma and allergies my whole life. With that said, I still have a love for pets in fact, I have a kitten who I give baths and brushings regularly. My cat has never slept in our bedroom because it seems my asthma is very nocturnal and I always have had issues with dust and pet dander while I sleep. I purchased the Ultra Clean Air purifier right before Christmas and I ran it on full speed in my bedroom for an entire day the first day I received it. That night I slept so soundly and believe it or not it was the first night I didn't need any allergy medication. Also my cat can now sleep in his cat bed IN OUR BEDROOM! I highly recommend this product and will be buying another one soon for my parents! Worth every penny!! Review by allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers Medium
This is a awesome very quiet purifier even on high you can smell and feel the lightness of the air. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing an air purifier..I don't even mind that filters have to be changed the sleekness and quietness out ways this issue. Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Great Machine
Within a day of first using this machine, I noticed a difference in the air quality of our office. We researched the different types of purifiers, and once deciding upon a price point, chose this machine primarily for the low maintenance cost $20 for a replacement filter. It is quiet but not silent. It sounds like a fan is running in another room but it is just three feet away from me--not a distracting amount of noise by any means. After one week of use, we examined the filter and saw that it is, in fact, cleaning the air as we could see particles trapped in the filter. We recommend this machine highly. It has met our needs entirely. Review by An Office in the Allergy Capitol / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Great Air Purifier
I purchased 3M Fitrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier about 2 weeks ago and already see a big difference. I have less allergy symptoms and it gets rid of kitchen and cigarette smells. It's really good for small apartment. Review by pet allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
The Right Price For Me
Though I wasn't looking spend a lot, and none of us really have bad allergies, I did want to get something for the boys' room downstairs. They spend a lot of time down there, and it tends to get dusty. This ultra clean fit the bill. It didn't cost a lot, and since I bought it I've had to change the filters once. I can tell it's working by how much dust, dirt and junk had collected in the filter. So, as long as I can keep my boys from knocking it over, I think it was a pretty good buy. Review by Jeanie / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier
Our firm has a large conference room that is used for lots of meetings with other architects and designers. We had an older model air purifier that recently kicked the bucket without much warning. My boss gave me a mission to find something that fit in with our company style and still worked - form with function in architect speak! I was looking for a replacement that might be a little more modern and aesthetically pleasing to our clients and collaborators. After buying the 3M Ultra Clean, we have had several people compliment us on our unit. Unexpectedly, it has become a conversation piece, and we all enjoy the improved air quality. Actually, I think it is better than the HEPA air purifier we had, while looking good at the same time. Review by Mission Accomplished / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Excellent air purifier!
I love this air purifier! It is a little bigger than it looks in the picture, but it is super quiet! We run it constantly in my infant son's bedroom and I can't even hear it. It's easy to operate and it's design is slim and stylish. The filters are are not permanent like the Honeywells, but they are cheaper, like $20 for a replacement. Overall, this is a great air purifier. Review by amy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

3M Air Purifiers
3M Ultra Clean Air Purifier

The 3M Ultra Clean Large air purifier (FAP03-RS) combines a bold design with top of the line performance. This unit is better than HEPA at capturing airborne particles. The statically charged filters capture 99.9% of all microscopic allergens like smoke, smog, pet dander, dust, and bacteria. Small and inexpensive these 3M air purifiers are ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers on a budget.

What I like about the 3M Ultra Clean

The best thing about the Ultra Clean air purifier is the units ability to keep dust and other allergen levels down in an enclosed space. For review purposes, I took our model home with me and used it in my home office. There is a perceptible difference in dust levels. I also have noticed it keeps the air smelling fresher. Though not loaded with additional features, these air purifiers do each have 3 fan speed settings and the filter change indicators.

Filter change and overall operation is very simple. Simply plug the unit in and set the speed. When replacing the filters, remove the front cover, pull out the old filter, insert a new one then snap the cover back into place. You can then reset the filter change indicator.

What I do not like about the 3M Ultra Clean

The Ultra Clean is available at a great price, but the replacement filters are a little expensive for the frequency at which they need to be replaced, every 3 months. Another potential drawback is that the filters are not HEPA. The filter is made of a charged media that initially outperforms traditional HEPA filters. Being charged, the trade-off of this is that these filters tend to clog more rapidly than HEPA filters.

In summary, the unit is great for a smaller spaces like a home offices, bedrooms, or conference rooms. The 3M Ultra Clean is reasonably quiet, priced well, and is easy to operate and maintain. The medium size Ultra Clean air purifier (FAP02-RS) has all the same technology and features of the larger model, simply in a smaller package. Once you know the size of the room you can easily select the 3M air purifier model that is right for you.

Product Questions

i need something that will remove dust, how well does the large one capture dust. this is inportant to my wife,
Does this unit work in controlling tobacco odors? I live in an apartment and odors are leaching in from the unit below.
How often do the filters need to be replaced.

3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifiers Specifications

Model: Ultra Clean Large (FAP03-RS) Ultra Clean Medium (FAP02-RS)
Coverage Area: 310 sq. ft. 160 sq. ft.
CADR: 197 - Smoke; 274 - Dust; 312 - Pollen 103 - Smoke; 128 - Dust; 149 - Pollen
Housing: ABS Plastic ABS Plastic
Filter Type: Electrostatic Particle Electrostatic Particle
Ozone Emissions: No No
Average Filter Life: 3 Months 3 Months
Dimensions: 18" W x 27" H x 9" D 14" W x 22" H x 7.25" D
Weight: 18.5 lbs. 14 lbs.
Speeds: 3 3
Filter Change Indicator: Yes Yes
Warranty: 1 Year 1 Year

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