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  • dust mites' primary food is dander shed from human and pet activity

  • dust mite allergy symptoms include stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing and watery eyes

  • dust mites tend to be most numerous in warm homes with high humidity

  • dust mites tend to be most numerous in beds, upholstery, carpeting areas and stuffed animals

Going to college is an exciting time.  For many people, it is the beginning of a new lifestyle including new friends, fresh opportunities and a new place to live!  For allergy and asthma sufferers, this should be a time for preparation.  It is wise to continue practicing old allergy relief methods and exercise new routines in order to maintain control of allergy symptoms.

Most college students live in either an apartment or a dorm room.  Take the initiative to keep your new home clean!  Be sure to promptly put food back in the refrigerator and wash dishes after each meal.  Keep the carpets clean by vacuuming them weekly and don't forget to wash bedding weekly in hot water or with the dust mite resistant laundry detergent. Most importantly, use an air purifier to clean the air of dust mites, pollen, mold spores, animal dander and any other allergens that are present in the living space.

recommended steps for allergy sufferers going to college

  • maintain a clean dorm room keeping clutter to a minimum
  • limit upholstered furniture and area rugs
  • avoid leaving out food - cockroaches love your crumbs!
  • encase your mattress and pillow in allergen proof covers
  • wash bedding weekly in 140' water or using dust mite resistant laundry detergent
  • vacuum frequently using a certified HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • remove airborne allergens with a HEPA filtered air purifier 
  • keep track of pollen and mold counts in your area that might affect your allergies
  • continue allergy shots, if necessary, with a local allergist/immunologist
  • consult your health provider to determine the most effective treatment for this and all allergies

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Complete Allersoft Dust Mite Bedding Package

Complete Dust Mite Dorm Bedding Packages

$119.96 - $129.96

Allersoft is a revolutionary, tightly woven cotton-poly blend that allows for total breathability and coolness with the feel of fine cotton linen while providing complete protection against dust mites and other allergens.  Allersoft is 40% pur cotton / 60 % polyester blended fabric that eliminates the need for a urethane membrane barrier. This allows both air and moisture to pass through and completely eliminates uncomfortable side effects such as heat and noise. 

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  Miele S 163 Stick Vacuum

Miele S 143 Stick Vacuum

$229.00 - $283.50

I The Miele Vacuum S143 is a small, lightweight machine that packs a big punch. Ideal for bare floors and area rugs -- and great for dorm rooms -- this vacuum is great for quick clean-ups and is packed with features to help you breathe easier and clean better.   
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Allersearch ODRX : Odor Eliminator


Allersearch ODRX: Odor Eliminator


This heavy duty spray eliminates tough odors at their source.  Examples of the type of odors ODRX eliminates include odors casued by pets, cooking, waste, smoke, decay, food, and many more.

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              Austin Air Healthmate + (Super Blend) Air Purifier


Austin Air Purifiers

$299.99 - $549.99

An ideal air purifier for large bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and basements up to 800 square feet. The Austin Air purifiers come equipped with a HEPA filter and are excellent for allergy relief! 

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