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Allergy Armor - The Best Allergy Proof Bedding

Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding

Preorder an Allergy Armor Complete Bedding Package today. In stock March 15! After 6 years helping allergy sufferers, we weren't satisfied with the allergy bedding market, so we created our own line! Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding is a soft, tightly woven, breathable microfiber fabric providing complete protection from dust mites and other allergens. Four years of research and development went into the design, production and testing of this protective fabric. Using both a sophisticated weaving technology and a unique finishing process, Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding was designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of allergy sufferers. Allergy Armor is a very densely woven fabric that is specially finished to provide the unique barrier properties of a laminated membrane fabric, but without the unwanted side effects - heat and noise. Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding filters out dust, dust mites, and other allergens while retaining air porosity. Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding also has a hypoallergenic protective antimicrobial finish that provides long term protection from mold, mildew, soiling agents, stains, and deterioration. And it has a 25-year warranty! Visit our  Allergy Armor allergy bedding microsite at:

Volume Three :: Issue Three :: March 2006    

In this issue:

1. What's new at - Allergy Armor Allergy Bedding
2. 2006 achoo! ALLERGY 36 Page Catalog - Request a copy below
3. The achoo! Air Purifier Calculator - Use the air purifier calculator to find the best air purifier for your needs
4. Goodbye heavy, dusty pillows - The Today Show Exposé
5. achoo! The Blog - Latest headlines in the allergy world

2006 achoo! ALLERGY 36 Page Catalog
Hot off the press and packed full of new allergy relief products and information! Order our allergy products catalog today. Simply fill in the information below.  Don't worry, we will never rent, sell, or give your personal information to anyone.

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The achoo! Air Purifier Calculator

Don't know which air purifier suits your needs? Try the new achoo! air purifier calculator to determine the best air purifier for your specific allergy, room size, and noise sensitivity. We created the air purifier calculator in response to several customers who were searching for air purifiers for very specific purposes, and realized it is appropriate for everyone considering an air purifier purchase! For example, one client, a concert pianist with a

Air Purifier Calculator

Pomeranian, wanted an air purifier in a ballroom where she performed concerts for friends and family – so she wanted something that was quiet, fairly large-scale, and efficient at removing pet dander. She also wanted something that wouldn't stand out to her guests. The air purifier calculator recommended a Blueair 601 – an attractive, super-quiet energy-efficient air purifier. Not sure which air machine is right for your home? Try the air purifier calculator.

The Today Show Exposé

Today Show Dirty Pillows Dust Mites

The Today Show recently aired a segment all about dust mites in pillows. We've published part of the transcript here. This is an edited conversation between Today Show anchor Matt Lauer and Dr. Philip Tierno, Professor of Clinical Biology and Immunology at New York University's Tisch Hospital.

Matt Lauer: You probably know your pillows and bed sheets have dust mites on them, but are you aware you're sleeping on a miniature ecosystem? A recent study out of England suggests that pillows harbor dangerous bacteria and fungus. The monster may not be under your bed, but actually in it. So in a home we're talking indoor air pollution (dust mites and other allergens) – these can be a huge source of problems?

Dr. Philip Tierno: Absolutely. Huge source. One of the dirtiest places in the home. In the top three.

Matt Lauer: Let's talk about mattresses and pillows – what they can contain. I'm going to go to a graphic here and just show a partial list of what you can find on a typical pillow: human skin cells, bodily secretions and excretions, animal hair and dander, bacteria and fungi, dust mites, perspiration, insect parts, food particles, cosmetics, lotions and oils. So is it the dirtiest room in the house?

Dr. Philip Tierno: It's actually not. The kitchen is the dirtiest room. But the bedroom is a close second.

Matt Lauer: All right let's talk about a couple of facts. After five years of using a pillow, ten percent of the weight of that pillow is made up of dust mites and dust mite feces (show graphic of crawling bugs), and every ten years the weight of an average mattress doubles because of the same thing? Is that harmful to us?

Dr. Philip Tierno: Absolutely. You're inhaling that eight hours per day, every day of your life, if you don't have the proper protection on your bedding.

Matt Lauer: So if you have allergies, you have asthma, this can really complicate the issue?

Dr. Philip Tierno: Yes. It can exacerbate both of those and it can even cause allergies later on, according to some researchers.

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Headlines from achoo! The Blog:

Allergies and Depression Linked
Jerome Bettis: Asthma Control Test Spokesman
Cheap Allergy Relief! – Sudafed v. Singulair
Power Plants and Asthma

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