Air-O-Swiss A200 Hydro Cell

Air-O-Swiss A200 Hydro Cell

Air-O-Swiss A200 Hydro Cell
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The AOS Hydro Cell uses activated carbon to provide constant freshness to Air-O-Swiss humidifiers. Similar to a Brita or Pur water filtration technology, this advanced water maintenance system keeps your humidifier operating at its highest level between cleanings by filtering out pollutants and chemicals commonly found in tap water. Simply place inside the water tank of any Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifier, screw the lid back on, and the Hydro Cell immediately begins filtering out contaminants to keep the water hygienic and clean. Depending on your water quality, exchange the Hydro Cell every 1 to 2 months. Compatible with all AOS humidifiers except the S450 Steam Humidifier. Pack of 2. Replaces the need for the Ionic Stick or the Hydro Stick.

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Customer Q & A

Q1: Don't contaminants actually have to pass through the filter to be absorbed? How does a disc floating in the tank filter anything?

A: Ideally, yes. The lowest part of any of the water tanks is almost always where the lid screws onto them. The hydrocell should sink to the bottom and settle on or near the lid. Through the lid is also where the water leaves the tank and enters the nebulizer compartment, so much of the water passing through should get filter. Remember the HydroCell isn't as comprenhensive as say, a Brita, but it does offer some adsorption of chemicals and filtration where otherwise there would be none. Hope that helps!

Q2: Would this work with other humidifiers, like maybe the pureguardian?

A: The HydroCell would probably work for just about any ultrasonic humidifier since it is simply ped into the tank. You could likely also use it with evaporative and air washer models as well.

Q3: Where should you place the air o swiss hydro cell product in the humidifier?

A: Remove the cap for the water tank, the Hydro Cell in, then fill with water. Activated carbon continuously adsorbs chemicals, chlorine, and other residues found in water, while the ionic silver technology acts as a natural antimicrobial.

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