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Airgle 750 Air Purifier

  • Item #: AG0001
  • $799.00


Airgle 750 Air Purifier

After lengthy hands-on testing, we made the decision to add Airgle 750 Air Purifier to our well established air purifier offering. Why? Because the manufacturer of Airgle air purifiers realizes the seriousness of harmful and severe airborne allergens to allergy and asthma sufferers. The Airgle 750 air purifier was submitted to AHAM for independent testing and tested incredibly well.


  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns and larger.
  • The Airgle 750 finished with the highest CADR's for any air purifier in its class.
  • This HEPA air purifier produces no ozone.
  • All the filters are easy to clean and easy to replace.
  • An advanced LCD Control Panel that is attractive and easy to understand and comes with programmable options
  • An easy to use Remote Control.
  • An Automatic Air Quality Monitor that continuously monitors the air quality in the room, then automatically adjusts the fan speed to cycle for best performance.
  • A Clean and Replace Indicator that monitors the usage and the condition of all filters and alerts you when any of the filters need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • A variable timer to set how long you want the unit to operate.
  • A Light Sensor for Silent Mode that automatically switches the motor to silent mode when the room goes dark.
  • A specially designed Ultra Quiet Motor for super-quiet operation.
  • Designed with an easy-to-use Aromatherapy capability, to enhance the atmosphere of your entire home or office.

Customer Reviews

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I decided on this air purifier over the Blueair because I liked the computer display, remote control and the aroma option. The air in my living room now has a faint citrus smell. The machine was very well packaged and arrived sooner than I expected. It is a little plasticy but both sides pop out like wings for filter changes and the top pops off.
Review by I am an allergy magnet / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
Airgle 150
This sounds kind of stupid, but I bought this air purifier because of the picture above showing the 4 stage filtration. A little impulsive, but I have no complaints about the 150's cleaning ability.
Review by Alice Z. / (Posted on 5/8/2015)

Airgle 750 Air Purifier

Having been in the business now for many years, our company is constantly inundated by air purifier manufacturers with samples, calls, and visits trying to persuade us to offer their air purifiers. The majority of the time we research the technology used, test the units and politely say "no" when they fail our tests. What we want to know is: Will an air purifier perform as advertised? And if so, how? And ultimately, does it add value? Upon testing this model, I am pleasantly surprised to say Airgle 750 air purifier is different.

What I like about the Airgle 750

  • Easy-glide casters. With larger air purifiers this is essential, particularly if you need to move the unit from one room to the next.
  • Night and dust sensor. You can set the Airgle 750 to automatically sense the light in the room and lower its speed when the lights go out at bedtime. Other sensors give you up to the minute readings about pollutant levels and filter life.
  • 4 stage filtration technology with 4 HEPA filters ensures 99.97% particle removal. With prefilters, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and antimicrobial filters, the Airgle 750 works to clean every aspect of particle allergens in your home.
  • Large coverage area of just under 700 square feet with 6 air changes per hour. 6 air exchanges per hour is a standard for air cleaning in most spaces, and the 750 has the CFM to meet this requirement even in very large rooms.
  • Quiet and "Smart". Air purifiers have long suffered from being loud. The decibel level of the Airgle 750 is lower than most comparable models, even on its higher fan speeds.

The high testing results the units achieved from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) are very difficult to reach. The Airgle 750 scored as high as possible for all three contaminants.

Equipped with light sensors, this unit will reduce fan speed at low lights. For the noise conscious sleeper this can be an excellent feature.

Despite having 12 filters, the four HEPA and two activated carbon filters are the only ones that need to be replaced. The pre-filters and high airflow filters are all washable. The pre-filters are built into the larger filter housing so replacing the HEPA and carbon filters amounts to using the small tabs to pull these out of the housing then inserting the new. Filter replacement need only be done once a year under nominal conditions.

Being constructed of durable ABS plastic, the 750 feels as sturdy as any steel counterpart, and casters make moving it easy. The construction also lends the unit a sleek appearance and glossy finish.

The programmable onboard computer with LED display, remote, variable timer, filter change indicator feature, and optional fragrance cartridge all come together to make the unit more than ample to meet our customers most sophisticated needs.

What I do not like about the Airgle 750

The number of filters can seem a bit daunting, though once you get an idea of how they work and each fits, replacing them is not nearly as confusing as it initially seems.

Despite its excellent particle and smoke filtration results, for someone dealing with VOCs, bacteria, viruses or large amounts of cigarette smoke, this unit is likely not one the best suited for the task. You should opt for a model that features a large bed of activated carbon.

In all, the Airgle would be a great unit for someone concerned with high levels of particle contaminants, whether that be dust mite allergen, pet dander, mold spores or other common household pollutants. The price can be a bit much but for the customer who is willing to spend a little more for a top of the line unit with a laundry list of value added features and matching results, the Airgle 750 is a perfect fit.

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Airgle 750 Air Purifier Specifications

Recommended For: Large bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms
User Profile: Allergy and asthma sufferers
Maximum Room Size
6 air changes per hour:
698 sq. ft.
Filter Description: 3 Stage HEPA/Activated Carbon
Prefilter: Washable permanent mesh
HEPA Filter: Yes, 4
Carbon Filter: 2 Activated Carbon
UV Light: No
Average Filter Life: 1 Year
Air Intake: Bottom
Air Outflow: Top, upper right and left sides
Ozone Emission: No
Filter Change Indicator Sensors:
M.C.S.: Some
Smoke Removal: Some
Mold Removal: Yes
Odor Control: Yes
Dust Removal: Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: Some
Second Hand Smoke Removal: Some
Ease of Filter Replacement: Easy, with removal of top cover and side drop-out panels
Interface Control Type: Digital with LCD screen & Remote
Dimensions: 26.4"H x 20.8"W x 14"D
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs.
Weight: 37 lbs.
Housing: ABS Plastic
Noise Level: 23 - 55 dBa
Wheels / Casters: Yes
Power Consumption: 65 watts
Fan Speeds: 5
CFM of Fan Speeds: 71 - 464 CFM
LCD Display: Yes
Programmable Timer: Yes
Remote Control Included: Yes
CADR Ratings from AHAM: Smoke > 450
Dust > 400
Pollen > 450
Approvals: UL

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