Alen T100 Desktop Air Purifier

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Alen T100 Desktop Air Purifier


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Alen T100 Desktop Air Purifier

The Alen T100 Desktop air purifier delivers style and performance in a compact design. Ideal for use in smaller environments such as an office cubicle or small room, the T100 offers HEPA filtration with a thin layer of activated carbon filter for odor and smoke removal. With an attractive mini tower design and easy to use features, the T100 is our most popular compact electronic air purifier.

*In response to H1N1, Alen has developed the new Silver Ion HEPA Filter. This unique filter eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, up to 50% of viruses that cause influenza and 99% of airborne allergens with just one pass through the air filter.

Alen T100 Air Purifier Product Features

  • True HEPA filtration with pre-filter
  • Enhanced activated carbon filter built into HEPA filter for some odor removal
  • Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses
  • 3 fan speed settings
  • Compact design ideal for home offices, desk at work or other small areas
  • Built-in ionizer minimizes pollutants and produces no ozone
  • Digital display with simple and intuitive touch button control
  • Unique safety feature has power auto-off protection when cover removed
  • Lifetime Warranty

Alen T100 Air Purifier Product Reviews

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  So quiet
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Allergies from NJ

So quiet i have to keep checking if its actually I've had the T100 going steadily in my bedroom for the last two years. It too is incredibly quiet. It's getting a little tired and weezy so i put it in another room. Bought a 500 for the bedroom and another for the living room. I have dust mite allergies and i'm not a very fastidious house cleaner. I think they help.
  Best Little Air Purifier!!
Reviewed by: Pet Allergy Sufferer from California

I have an cat who has been an outdoor cat for 10 years because my husband and son are both allergic to cats. Recently he became blind, and I had to figure out a way to bring him into safety. I purchased this air purifier to help eliminate the pet dander in my office, where he now resides. We have had him in this room for over a month now and my husband and son are both doing just fine!! To my surprise, they both can now go into the office and visit with our cat without sneezing and getting watery eyes. I do make them both wash their hands immediatly after. This air purifier has solved our problems!! THANK YOU!!
  Handy Little Device
Reviewed by: P. L. from Detroit

My son has some pretty nasty allergies and while we have a larger air purifier for the main living areas, in the computer room we didn't have anything. This little air purifier now sits on the desk and seems to work pretty well. I no longer hear sniffling or sneezing after he spends a couple hours doing homework, so I think it's got to be doing something right!

Customer Q & A

Q1: I'm wondering how much noise this unit makes. I want something for my cubicle but they're open and I work in an environment as quiet as a library so I don't want to bother my coworkers. Thanks.

A: On low, it wouldn't be a problem. It wouldn't be too terribly much louder than the fan on your computer. So on that setting, I think it would work fine. On medium, it might be ok, but on high, it would likely be a bit loud for the environment you describe. In any event, it's a bit like white noise. Hope that helps!

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Alen T100 Air Purifier Review
Alen T100 Desktop Air Purifier

The Alen T100 is one of our most popular compact air purifier models. Unlike many designs for small spaces, this unit is a true HEPA air purifier with easy to use controls and simple filter replacement. Lightweight and and stylish, this tower inspired air purifier will fit nearly anywhere in your home.

What I like about the Alen T100 Air Purifier

Weighing in at a mere 8 pounds, the T100 is a very light air purifier. It blends in with the dcor of almost any office area, den, or small bedroom. The T100 was designed with idea that it would be used on a desktop. The color is a neutral black, and the control panel and display are easy to use, readable, and informative. There are three fan settings with an optional ionizer built into the unit.

The T100 is technically savvy. The air purifier has a unique safety feature so that when the cover is removed, the power is automatically turned off. Controls are simple and easy to use.

The T100 has affordable replacement filters that are easy to change. This eliminates the need to come in contact with the very particles and allergens that you are trying to avoid.

The T100 is energy efficient and easy on the wallet. It uses less energy than a standard light bulb.

Like all Alen units, the T100 comes with a Lifetime Warranty. With proper filter replacement (every six months), Alen ensures that should their product malfunction or ever go on the fritz, you will be covered. This kind of peace of mind is nearly unmatched in the industry.

What I do not like about the Alen T100 Air Purifier

The T100 probably should not be used on the floor in a high traffic area; and the Alen T100 is not as portable some air purifiers we carry. As far as odor filtration, there is a separate replacement filter you can purchase that will surpass the performance of the thin layer of activated carbon that comes standard with this unit.

In summary, the T100 is a great choice for those who want an air purifier with a sleek design for a cubicle or den. The unit provides excellent, localized filtration for a price that wont bust your budget. With an optimal performance in a room roughly 125 square feet, the Alen T100 is useful for cubicles, studio apartments, and dorm rooms.

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Alen T100 Air Purifier Detailed Specifications

Recommended for: Allergy & Asthma sufferers who need personal filtration for their desk at work, home office or other small spaces.
Maximum Room Size
5 air changes per hour
125 sq. ft.
Pre-filter: Yes
HEPA Filter: Yes
Carbon Filter: Yes, thin layer of activated carbon built into the HEPA filter
Filter Change Indicator: No
Average Filter Life: 6 months with continuous use
UV Light: No
Color Options: Gray/Black
Height: 10 x 6 x 15
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs.
Weight: 8 lbs.
Housing: ABS Plastic
Noise Level: 39 - 60 dBa
Power Consumption: Max. 55W
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty (with regular filter replacement)
Interface Control Type: Digital, push button control
Remote: No
LCD Display: Yes
Timer: No
Approvals: ETL
+'s: Quiet, compact, HEPA & odor filtration
-'s: Coverage area could be larger, not Energy Star rated

Alen T100 Air Purifier Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty with regular filter replacement

Alen T100 Air Purifier Additional Resources

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Alen T100 Information Sheet (PDF)
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Alen T100 Air Purifier Availability

Alen T100 Air Purifier
Alen T100 Desktop Air Purifier (Item#: AL0001) (Discontinued)

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