AllerAir Company Information and History

Established over 14 years ago and now with offices in the United States, Italy, and Canada, AllerAir excels as a prominent leader in the air purification industry. That is why other industry leaders like IBM, the Mayo Clinic, Gucci, Prada, and the U.S. Army trust AllerAir to clean their indoor air. With more than 100 air purifier models to meet your individual needs, including specialized models for smoking and disaster restoration, AllerAir is committed to bringing healthy indoor air to homes and workplaces everywhere.

"At AllerAir Industries we don't simply specialize in air quality equipment—it's our one and only passion. We believe that the diverse nature of indoor air pollution requires an equally diverse solution," explains Sam Teitelbaum, President of Allerair Industries.

When his wife developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Teitelbaum worked to create a more effective air purifier that was cost-efficient and safe for people suffering from allergies, MCS, and respiratory disorders. Teamed with partner Wayne Martin, Teitelbaum set out to sell high-efficiency air cleaners with expertise and personal service unmatched in the air purification industry.

"From the first day we started business, the AllerAir team decided that we would never compromise the quality and efficiency of our units. Our team will continue to lead the way forward with research and innovation to bring the benefits of clean indoor air to more and more satisfied consumers," adds Teitelbaum.

With a full range of products to tackle any air purification challenge, AllerAir products range from small portable air purifiers to larger cabinet model air cleaners. Each unit provides the same expert technology, superior quality, and dedication.

AllerAir has taken their filtration system one step further. While some air purifiers only focus on filtering out irritating particles, AllerAir air purifiers also protect you from the harmful chemicals, gases, and odors present in every home and office. AllerAir's combination of a true HEPA filter and a Mass Activated Carbon Bed (MAC-B) filter makes their technology unique and effective. Together, these air filters trap 99.97% of all airborne particles and adsorb dangerous chemicals, gases, and odors with 7-10 pounds of carbon. AllerAir's Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) has the strongest adsorption power of any material known to man. In one pound of GAC, there are over 200 miles of tiny pores to trap gases and odors.

AllerAir's five-stage filtration process features a pre-filter to capture the large particles; a medical grade HEPA air filter to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns; an activated carbon (MAC-B) filter with pounds of granular virgin carbon to filter chemicals, gases, and odors; two anti-microbial air filters that trap airborne microorganisms; and an optional UV germicidal lamp that provides additional sterilization for bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. AllerAir's UV germicidal lamp destroys the reproductive DNA of all trapped bacteria and mold spores; the UV lamp does not produce any ozone. This kind of UV sterilization was previously offered only by hospitals, laboratories, and medical facilities.

With the most activated carbon in the industry and Medical-Grade HEPA filtration, AllerAir air purifiers give you complete protection from all types of air pollutants, chemicals, and odors. Each unit comes in a variety of colors, is easily maintained, and offers a silent motor that pulls air through the unit and gently pushes it out without any loud or disturbing noise.

With a cylindrical shape, the residential units maximize air flow and provide stylish and effective allergy relief. AllerAir specializes in models for MCS cases, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), smokers, disaster restoration, security threat situations, and microbiological contamination.

"We've stayed true to our mission: to provide the safest, most efficient air cleaning available—air cleaning that actually make a difference," says Teitelbaum. AllerAir believes in making air purifiers that clean your air.

Shop for an AllerAir air purifier that is right for you and enjoy the improved quality of life that comes with fresher, cleaner air.

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