Allerair Air Purifier FAQ

How quiet is the AllerAir Air Purifier?

AllerAir Air Purifiers are extremely quiet and come with a three-speed fan so you control the noise level. See our Air Purifier Noise Level Chart for more information.

What colors are available for the AllerAir Air Purifiers?

Choose between black, white, or sandstone. Each one will fit any décor of your home.

How many filters does the AllerAir 4000 Series Air Purifier use?

The specific model you choose will determine the number of filters in your AllerAir Air Purifier. The AllerAir 4000 Series air purifiers come in two models: EXEC-UV and VOCARB. Both 4000 series air purifiers contain a cleanable pre-filter, a MAC-B (mass activated carbon bed) filter, two antimicrobial filters, and a HEPA filter. The AllerAir 4000 EXEC UV air purifier also contains a sterilizing UV lamp to destroy airborne microorganisms, while the AllerAir 4000 VOCARB air purifier contains impregnated activated carbon to remove VOCs, chemical fumes, and odors.

How many filters do AllerAir 5000 Series Air Purifiers use?

The AllerAir 5000 Series Air Purifiers come in four different models: EXEC, EXEC-UV, VOCARB, and DS. All models contain a cleanable pre-filter, a MAC-B (mass activated carbon bed) filter, two antimicrobial filters, and a HEPA filter. The AllerAir 5000 EXEC-UV air purifier features a UV lamp to sterilize airborne antigens. The AllerAir 5000 VOCARB air purifier features impregnated carbon to remove VOCs and other chemicals, while the AllerAir 5000 DS air purifier features a special blend of carbon to eliminate toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke.

How many filters do AllerAir 6000 Series Air Purifiers use?

The heavy-duty AllerAir 6000 Series Air Purifiers come in four different models: D, DX, EXEC, and VOCARB. All models contain a cleanable pre-filter, a MAC-B (mass activated carbon bed) filter, two antimicrobial filters, and a HEPA filter. The AllerAir 6000 VOCARB air purifier features impregnated carbon for the removal of VOCs. The AllerAir 6000 D and AllerAir 6000 DX air purifiers feature extra pounds of carbon for maximum chemical, gas, and odor removal.

When do I need to change the filters in the AllerAir Air Purifiers?

The AllerAir Pro-dense Pre-filters will need to be replaced every three months, but may be vacuumed to prolong the filter life. The Pro-dense Pre-filters should be replaced after 10-12 vacuums. The Anti-microbial Wraps should be replaced every three months and cannot be reused. The HEPA filter traps 99.97% of airborne particles and should be replaced every 5-7 years. The Carbon filter requires replacing every 2-5 years, but can be sent to the manufacturer for a refillable customized carbon mix. Please remember that these guidelines are based on normal household usage and can change depending on the concentration levels of dust, particles, and fumes.

How do I change the filters in my AllerAir Air Purifiers?

Changing the filters is simple. First, turn off your AllerAir Air purifier and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. Unscrew the fours screws on the bottom plate of the unit and pull plate off. Carefully slide the dirty filters out of the unit. Next, slowly slide clean filters gently along the filter track, making sure that no damage is done to the exposed portions of the HEPA filter. Place bottom plate back onto the unit and screw four screws back into position.

How do I know when to change the filters?

AllerAir Air Purifiers do not have filter change indicator lights. However, simply join the Clean Air Club,'s filter replacement reminder program, and you'll receive an email or a phone call when it's time to change your filters.

Can any of the filters in the AllerAir Air Purifiers be cleaned and reused?

Yes, only the Pre-filter can be vacuumed and reused. Once vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, you may reuse the filter to extend the filter life. However after 10-12 vacuums, the filters must be replaced to ensure effective air filtration.

Where should I use my AllerAir Air Purifier?

Place your AllerAir air purifier in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, family room, basement, garage, or business. No matter where you place your AllerAir air purifier, it will provide effective allergy relief for areas up to 750 square feet.

What type of warranty is offered for AllerAir Air Purifiers?

All AllerAir models come with a 10-year warranty on parts, and a five-year warranty on labor. However, the warranty does not cover any abuse, misuse, or maintenance negligence. Take good care of your AllerAir air purifier so it can take good care of you.

What particles does the AllerAir Air Purifiers eliminate?

AllerAir air purifiers are each customized to filter out a wide range of airborne particles. All AllerAir air purifiers trap mold spores, pollen, dust, animal dander, and other allergens. Additionally, there are AllerAir air purifiers to filter out high levels of chemicals, tobacco smoke, fumes, gases, odors, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). No matter what your needs, there is an AllerAir air purifier that's right for you.

Do AllerAir Air Purifiers produce ozone?

No! Although ozone is a powerful lung irritant produced by some air purifiers, AllerAir air purifiers do not produce or emit ozone. AllerAir guarantees that nothing but clean air comes out of your AllerAir air purifier. 

Who should use AllerAir Air Purifiers?

AllerAir air purifiers are perfect for allergy sufferers, asthma suffers, and people with chemical sensitivities. AllerAir air purifiers also offer great protection for those concerned about airborne bacteria and viruses. No matter what your ailment or concern, AllerAir has an air purifier that's right for you.

How much energy does an AllerAir Air Purifiers use?

The AllerAir motor consumes 95 watts of power—about the same as a single 100 watt light bulb. You can run your AllerAir air purifier constantly for only pennies a day!

Which AllerAir Air Purifiers are best for MCS?

The AllerAir MCS series air purifiers not only eliminate chemicals from the air, but they're also manufactured with inert materials so that the unit does not off-gas any chemicals. With pounds of impregnated carbon, any of the AllerAir VOCARB air purifiers would also provide relief to those with chemical sensitivities.

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