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Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Packages

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$96.95 - $169.95
$67.87 - $118.97

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$96.95 - $169.95
$67.87 - $118.97


  • Most Affordable Mattress Covers We Offer
  • Water Resistant
  • Simple Way to Block Dust Mites & Other Allergens
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    Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Packages

    Allergy Armor Ultra Dust Mite Mattress and Pillow Covers are Made in the USA We’ve bundled together the Allergy Armor Classic allergy bedding package to make it easier to purchase complete protection from dust mites and other allergens. Included in the Allergy Armor Classic bedding package are: 1 Allergy Armor Classic mattress cover, 2 standard size Allergy Armor Classic pillow covers, and 1 Allergy Armor Basic box spring cover.

    Allergy Armor Classic is extremely effective at blocking out allergens. Free Standard Size Allergy Relief Pillow Cover with the purchase of any Allergy Armor Bedding PackageIts laminated urethane membrane lining stops even the smallest allergens. While this fabric may not be suited for extremely hot sleepers since the urethane membrane reflects body heat, this water resistant fabric provides an excellent solution for bed-wetting and incontinence.

    Please note that King and CA King bedding packages ship with two-piece box spring covers. If you require a one-piece box spring cover, please order the components separately or call for assistance.


    • Your Bedding Package includes:
      2 Allergy Armor Classic standard size pillow covers
      1 Allergy Armor Classic mattress cover
      1 Allergy Armor Basic box spring cover
    • 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Zippered Encasings
    • Impenetrable Urethane Lining
    • Breathable Membrane Barrier that is Waterproof
    • Affordable & Effective Protection against Dust Mites, Pet Dander & Other Allergens
    • Lasting Allergy Relief with a 3-Year Warranty

    Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Packages - A Closer Look

    Measuring Your Mattress

    How To Correctly Measure Your Mattress to Fit An Allergy Armor Ultra Mattress CoverIt is important to measure the depth of your mattress before ordering your allergy relief bedding. Most Allergy Armor Ultra mattress covers come in four depths: 9" deep, 12" deep, 15" deep, and 18" deep. For mattresses 9" deep and smaller, order 9" encasings. For mattresses with depths of 10" to 12", order 12" encasings and so on. Extra fabric makes installation easier, and it can be easily tucked between the mattress and box springs.

    Size and Dimensions

      Inches Centimeters
      W x L W x L
    Classic Standard Pillow Cover 20" x 26" 51 x 66

    Classic Mattress Covers Depth Inches Centimeters
        W x L x D W x L x D
    Crib 5" 28" X 52" X 5" 71 x 132 x 13
    Twin 9" 39" x 75" x 9" 99 x 191 x 23
    Twin Deep 15" 39" x 75" x 15" 99 x 191 x 38
    Twin Long 9" 39" x 80" x 9" 99 x 203 x 23
    Twin Long Deep 15" 39" x 80" x 15" 99 x 203 x 38
    Full 9" 54" x 75" x 9" 137 x 191 x 23
    Full Deep 15" 54" x 75" x 15" 137 x 191 x 38
    Queen 9" 60" x 80" x 9" 152 x 203 x 23
    Queen Deep 15" 60" x 80" x 15" 152 x 203 x 38
    King 9" 78" x 80" x 9" 198 x 203 x 23
    King Deep 15" 78" x 80" x 15" 198 x 203 x 38
    CA King 9" 72" x 84" x 9" 183 x 214 x 23
    CA King Deep 15" 72" x 84" x 15" 183 x 214 x 38

    Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Fabric

    Allergy Armor Classic Fabric - Why It Works Allergy Armor Classic membrane allergy relief bedding needs to be washed only about three or four times a year. The laminated urethane membrane is breathable and cool, but some extremely hot sleepers find it uncomfortable. Because the Allergy Armor Classic membrane is waterproof and affordable, Allergy Armor Classic these mattress covers are often recommended for younger children to protect the mattress from moisture as well as allergens.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Product
    This product works for me. And I like the way that it helped me to clean up my bedroom, by covering bed items which shouldn't be exposed on a constant daily basis. A nice look! Once I got all the items covered in my room, I knew I should have done this years ago. I really appreciate the 15" deep sizes. After a first night of sleep my nose was not stuffed up. To date I breathe easier especially at night and wake up easier too. Thanks for making this product. It's easy to install, durable, affordable, washable, and American Made!
    Review by / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Great value and quality!!
    My daughter who has asthma and was just tested for allergies and tested positive to being allergic to everything. She has slept better then ever now that we've protected her bed and pillows! Thanks for provided great quality protection at a great price!!!
    Review by Frustrated mom of young allergy/asthma sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    love it
    my son really feels better now
    Review by for th son / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Encasing the critters
    I love the fact that the bedding does not make that crinkling noise when you lay on it. Went on very east and fit my pillow case mattress with ease. Between the cases, laundry addative and my new comforter I'm sleeping like a baby.
    Review by Cathy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    I have suffered from sinus polyps and environmental allergies for many years and my husband has mild asthma. about 15 years ago we purchases a mattress cover and were unable to replace it since it outlived its use. that is until we found the allergy armor cleanair bedding. i had tried several other brands that were either not waterproofed or didn't fit the mattress well. allergy armor is a perfect fit for our 9 inch mattress and in addition it is easy to place on the bed and it is easy to change the sheets. i have slept thru the entire night since getting this product with no stuffy/runny nose or tightness in my throat. my husband has not had to use his inhaler before retiring for the night. i highly recommend this product for not only allergy/respiratory challenged people but for everyone who desires a peaceful, clean breathing environment.
    Review by Marynnn / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Package Reviews

    Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Package

    As the most economical of all Allergy Armor dust mite covers, the Allergy Armor Classic Bedding Packages provide all the pieces you need to completely encase your bed, blocking common allergens. These washable, zippered dust mite covers feature a stretch knit polyester exterior that is soft and flexible while and inner urethane lining makes these covers water resistant while blocking dust mites, pollen, dander, mold spores, and other particles allergens. Unlike other covers with a membrane, Classic Bedding Packages do not make a lot of noise and are better constructed than your average cover. Aside from affordability, what makes the Classic Bedding Packing the right choice for your allergy and asthma needs?

    What I like about Allergy Armor Classic

    • They're durable, and will typically last you until you change mattres sizes
    • Washable in hot water
    • Stretch knit provides flexibility, making them easy to install or remove for washing
    • Packages contain mattress cover, pillow covers, and a box spring cover to completely encase the bedding that often houses millions of dust mite
    • Water resistant
    • They're not loud to sleep on
    • Unnoticeable under you regular bedding
    • Made right here in Atlanta, GA

    What I did not like about Allergy Armor Classic

    • Because they have a urethane membrane, they do retain more heat than our other Allergy Armor covers. They're not ideal for hot sleepers.

    As the introductory line of Allergy Armor, Classic Bedding Packages cover all of your needs when it comes to blocking dust mites and other allergens. While the membrane means these covers completely block allergens, they do also retain a little more heat than other covers. The water resistant nature makes them a good choice for children, and they're easily cared for - wash them like your regular bedding. Affordable and complete, Allergy Armor Classic is the easiest way to start sleeping better and feeling more rested in the morning.

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