Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter

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$179.99 - $249.99

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Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter is Made in the USAHow do you protect a comforter with allergy bedding but not add weight or the worry of the comforter shifting inside the cover? You make a comforter with the barrier bedding already sewn in! With the new Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter, we have done just that. Starting with Allergy Armor Ultra fabric, which offers the smallest average pore size in the industry, we created a comforter that no longer requires an allergy cover. Warm and filled with just the right amount of non-allergenic polyfill, the Allergy Armor Comforter has a boxed construction to keep the fill in place even with frequent washings. Sewn-in loops allow for you to easily tie your decorative duvet cover to this allergy comforter, and without the need for a separate allergy cover, there's no additional weight.

Allergy Comforter Sewn In Tie LoopsAllergy Armor Ultra fabric is made in the USA. Constructed of 100% polyester, this barrier fabric is tested to provide an average pore size of 2.8 microns, the smallest in the industry. This effective barrier keeps dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens out of the comforter. A self-faced, corded edge helps the comforter to keep its crisp shape even after washing.

Proudly crafted and sewn in our Atlanta facility, the Allergy Armor Comforter is machine washable in any water temperature (do not bleach), can be machine dried, and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Sizes and Dimensions

  Inches (W x L) Centimeters (W x L)
Twin 66" x 84" 167 x 213
Full / Queen 92" x 88" 234 x 223
King 105" x 90" 266 x 228

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Customer Q & A

Q1: How many ounces does this comforter weigh?
A: King - 7.4 lbs. Queen - 6.8 lbs. Twin - 5.5 lbs. Weights will vary slightly, but those are all very close to average.

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Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter Reviews

Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter

As the latest addition to our Allergy Armor line of bedding, the Allergy Armor Ultra Comforter offers warmth and comfort without the need for a separate duvet/comforter allergy cover. Built from Allergy Armor Ultra bedding, this allergy comforter blocks common allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites. With our original prototype in hand, I took it home to try for a few days.

What I like about the Allergy Comforter

  • Warm - Much like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the fill weight for this comforter is "just right." I've used heavier, and I've also used lighter, and the Allergy Armor Comforter sits squarely in the middle, great for nearly year round use.
  • Complete Allergy Protection - Because this comforter is made from Allergy Armor Ultra fabric, there will never be a need for an allergy duvet cover. With an average pore size of 2.8 microns, allergens are literally left out in the cold.
  • Machine Washable - Simply throw the comforter in any large capacity washer. Use your favorite anti-allergen detergent or additive or simply wash in hot water. Machine dry (unless you are using a big laundromat style dryer, it may take two dry cycles) and you're done! If you have specific spots on the material, you can always spot clean with a mild detergent. No need to waste money on dry cleaning and the chemical residue that comes with it.
  • Use with Any Decorative Duvet Cover - Plain white doesn't match your bedroom's decor? That's ok. Cover this allergy comforter with any decorative duvet using the sewn-in loops in each corner so it won't shift or bunch.
  • Antimicrobial Finish - Unlike others, the antimicrobial finish on the Allergy Armor comforter is the same finish that has been EPA tested and certified for over thirty years, the same one that is used on hospital gowns and athletic apparel across the country, and one that provides a safe, effective way to protect against germs, bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Made in the USA - Each comforter is proudly constructed right here in our Atlanta facility.
  • Warranty - With one of the longest warranties available, this is constructed of quality materials, features double-stitched edges, and will keep you warm and sleeping better for years to come.

What I did not like about the Allergy Comforter

  • There are two drawbacks, that I found, to this comforter. First, because of the size of fabric rolls from which the comforter is cut, there are two stray seams. They run parallel to the boxed stitching, so you have to look for them to find them.
  • Secondly, the comforter does make some noise. Because it is our tightly woven Ultra material there is some noise when shifting, a bit more than with Ultra pillow or mattress covers (since you do not move these like you would a comforter). Whether it is a little extra noise or the two seams, both are mitigated with the use of a decorative comforter/duvet cover.

In all, the new Allergy Armor Duvet is the perfect addition to the Allergy Armor line of bedding. It's warm, comfortable and an effective barrier against allergens all in one package. A ten year warranty puts this comforter on par with those that are two to three times the cost, and the price is reasonable when factored against never having to buy an allergy duvet encasing for it. The use of a decorative cover almost eliminates the two drawbacks to this product. American made, this comforter is available in three sizes and is a great addition to any allergy or asthma sufferers bedding set.

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10 Year Limited Warranty


Allergy Armor Ultra Twin Comforter (Item#: AA4036) $179.99
Allergy Armor Ultra Queen Comforter (Item#: AA4037) $209.99
Allergy Armor Ultra King Comforter (Item#: AA4038) $249.99

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