Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Blankets

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Organic Cotton Blankets

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blanket is Made in the USADo most blankets leave you itching or irritate your skin? Are you affected by severe eczema, chronic dermatitis or multiple chemical sensitivities? Looking for a sustainable product that lacks the dyes and chemicals that plague many modern linens and clothes? The Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket is a soft, comfortable and warm blanket, free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, flame retardants or bleaching agents. Though heavier than the crepe weave, the Allergy Armor Waffle Weave is made from certified, U.S.-grown organic cotton. We proudly cut and sew this blanket specially for you. So from start to finish, our organic cotton blankets are truly and American made product.

Each Allergy Armor organic waffle blanket features hemmed edges that are rolled and stitched a second time for enhanced durability. For convenience, this cotton blanket is machine washable in any water temperature (Do not bleach), and after the first wash the blanket will shrink (it's cut large to accommodate this), and the fabric will fluff out and soften.


Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blanket Video - Waffle Weave

Sizes and Dimensions

  Dimension (cm) Weight (120 wt.)
Baby 40" x 55" (102 x 140) 1.6 lbs.
Twin 66" x 90" (168 x 228) 4.0 lbs.
Full / Queen 90" x 90" (229 x 228) 5.2 lbs.
King 108" x 90" (274 x 228) 6.1 lbs.
*Note: Blanket will shrink with first washing. Sizes listed are post-washing.


Product Reviews & Questions

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  Really nice weight and great warmth
Reviewed by: In blanket Bliss from Atlanta, GA

This blanket is GREAT! It is actually kind of heavy and sleeps good for warm summer nights without a comforter it doesn't hold sweat as I am a hot sleeper - it is also great for just lounging around the house- You will enjoy it!! I DO!

Customer Q & A

Q1: Are you going to be getting more Twin size Organic Waffle Weave blankets? Thank you.

A: Not in the near future. Our local supplier had an an excess supply of the raw material, so we offered it for a limited time. Depending on demand, it may make a reappearance in the future, but as of now, there aren't any immediate plans. The crepe weave will continue to be offered as our primary pattern in the organic cotton blanket.

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Allergy Armor Organic Blanket Reviews

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Blankets

Since introducing the crepe weave Allergy Armor cotton blanket, the interest and popularity in this organic blanket has increased. As another organic blanket option, we're introducing the organic cotton waffle weave blanket. Still a wholly U.S. made product, the waffle weave blankets are a heavier weight than the crepe weave. Warmer, thicker and heavier this blanket is better suited for those cool nights. Taking this blanket home, I put it through my favorite type of test - the sleep test! After many hours of intensive, arduous testing, here is what I found.

What I like about the Allergy Armor Blanket
  • 100% USDA certified organic cotton - Grown in the Texas, the Allergy Armor waffle weave blankets are free of pesticide/fertilizer residues, flame retardants, bleaching agents, and chemicals that are commonly found in cotton textiles, like organophosphates and dyes.
  • Ideal for several types of people including the chemically sensitive, those which chronic dermatitis or sensitive skin, and anyone looking to purchase sustainable bedding with a limited environmental impact.
  • As a 120 wt. blanket, the crepe weave is thicker, more plush and better suited for colder nights. After you wash it the first time, it the fabric will fill or fluff out, making more plush and comfortable. I'm the type of sleeper that keeps it cool enough so I can cover up with a blanket, and this one is more comfortable than the standard cotton blanket I normally use. It is much softer and provides just the right amount of warmth.
  • Durable - With rolled and twice-sewn, hemmed edges, this blanket won't fray around the edges, and as a machine washable fabric, you can use your favorite anti-allergen or sensitive skin detergent. Just as a reminder, these blankets are all cut larger than the stated since. As an untreated fabric, they will shrink to the stated size after one wash.
  • Made in the USA - grown and woven here in the U.S. then cut, sewn and packaged in our Atlanta location.

What I did not like about the Allergy Armor Blanket

  • First Wash! Please, wash it by itself. As with any organic cotton product, if you wash it with something (the first time you launder the blanket), you WILL get cotton fuzzies all over the other item. Same goes for drying. So the first time you launder your blanket, wash and dry by itself then enjoy it more as the fabric fluffs and fills out even softer than as it arrived.
  • Color options are somewhat lacking. As of now only the "natural" color is available. Organic dyes are hard to come by, so at least in the short term, the waffle weave organic blanket will only be available in this off-white/cream/tan color.

As organic bedding goes, there is little of it that is made here in the U.S., but more importantly, for people who need something that is gentler on the skin and doesn't have the chemical residues that many modern textiles have, this is an excellent blanket. In terms of price, they are just a bit below the average of comparable products. In all, there are few drawbacks to this blanket, so if you are looking for a chemical free way to stay warm at night, you can't go wrong with this organic cotton waffle weave blanket.

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