Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets

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$59.99 - $129.99

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Organic Cotton Blanket

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blanket is Made in the USASoft and airy, our Allergy Armor organic cotton blankets are all natural blankets perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the chemicals, dyes and irritants that are so often a part of modern textiles. Light, warm, and breathable, the organic cotton is woven in a 120 weight, crepe weave pattern and is available in all standard sizes. We fell in love with these blankets immediately, and we think you will too. Made from USDA certified organic cotton, that is grown and woven right here in the U.S., each these Allergy Armor organic blanket features hemmed edges that are rolled and stitched a second time for enhanced durability. With 100% certified organic cotton, each them incredibly soft, comfortable, and as an untreated fabric, your blanket will fluff even more after the first wash. Unlike most blankets you find in stores today, the Allergy Armor organic blankets are sewn right here in our Atlanta location, and cotton is Texas grown. For convenience, this cotton blanket is machine washable in any water temperature (Do not bleach). So whether you have chemical sensitivities, sensitive skin, eczema or are simply wanting to choose responsibly grown and manufactured items for your family, curl up and enjoy natural cotton comfort!

*NOTE: PLEASE WASH THIS BLANKET BY ITSELF THE FIRST TIME. As organic cotton fiber that hasn't been processed as traditional fabrics, the blanket will shed cotton fibers in the first wash and dry cycle.

Organic Blanket Sizes and Dimensions

  Dimension (cm) Weight
Baby 40" x 55" (102 x 140) 1.10 lbs.
Twin 66" x 90" (168 x 228) 3.20 lbs.
Full / Queen 90" x 90" (229 x 228) 4.05 lbs.
King 108" x 90" (274 x 228) 4.75 lbs.
*Note: Blanket will shrink with first washing. Sizes listed are post-washing.

Product Reviews & Questions

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Reviewed by: allergic to everything from alaska

Perfect for what I need it for!
  A bedding gem
Reviewed by: lana owens- allergy sufferer from Boston, Ma

It's becoming more and more difficult to find all natural fiber bedding. We only use cotton, silk and wool. Our old cotton fleece shrank so much we needed to find a new one because I was cold. Most online sites admitted that theirs shrank too- up to 10 percent. We dragged out a spare polyester fleece one for one of our layers until we found one. I've been waking up at 4 am all stuffed up and coughing. When we finally found this allergy armor organic cotton crepe blanket we ordered it immediately. It was way too big and not as impressive looking before we washed it but achooallergy said to go ahead and wash it and if it wasn't perfect, send it back within the time limit. It was perfect! We slept under it last night. Some may think it's crazy, but the difference was amazing. It was calming, comfortable, warm and yet not heavy. We both slept better, right through the night. It is a perfect addition to our silk and wool blankets we use in our cool New England bedroom. I'm sold! We will buy more of these for our family.
  best blankets
Reviewed by: Cheng-Roo from San Diego, CA

I love the blanket. It's very warm and comfortable. Will buy more in the future for other rooms.

Customer Q & A

Q1: If I buy the king size blanket, should I dry it on air dry to it doesn't shrink.

A: No, you can machine dry it. We purposely cut all of the organic cotton blankets several inches larger than the stated finished size to account for it shrinking. Plus the machine dry will help remove fuzzies and loose fibers, while drawing the weave pattern together tighter but fluffier. Hope that helps!

Q2: Does the organic cotton blanket stretch out of shape with use and repeated washing?

A: This blanket has some give to it, but no more than any other cotton blanket. When it arrives it will be much larger than the stated dimension, but after one wash, it shrinks up to the size on the packaging. Started with the first wash and continuing with subsequent washings, the blanket shouldn't vary too much in terms of overall shape.

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Allergy Armor Organic Blanket Reviews

Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets

Twenty years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to hear much about "organic" products, but as time has passed and awareness of the chemicals found in our everyday items has grown, organics are increasingly making a positive impact in people's lives. For us at AchooAllergy, we have been trying to find the best in healthy bedding products for years, and finally the opportunity presented itself for us to begin constructing our very own line of organic bedding.

As the first pieces in a full line of organic bedding, the Allergy Armor blankets are 100% certified organic cotton blankets made from U.S. grown cotton and proudly sewn at our Atlanta location. Free of chemicals, dyes, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals associated with modern textile production, the Allergy Armor organic cotton blanket is an excellent fit for those sensitive to chemicals, MCS, asthma, and allergy suffers or anyone simply wanting the benefits of using organic products.

What I like about the Allergy Armor Blanket
  • Superior fabric, 100% USDA certified organic cotton. Grown in the U.S., the Allergy Armor blankets are free of pesticide, fertilizer and chemical residues that are commonly found in cotton textiles, like Aldicarb, Parathion, and other organophosphates. From the weaving and production side, these blankets are free of bleach (chlorine), dyes, wrinkle-resistant treatments, and other finishing agents that accompany other textiles.
  • Ideal for year-round use, this lightweight organic blanket is not too warm and not too cold.
  • The Allergy Armor organic cotton blankets are machine-washable and stand up to frequent washings without pilling or fraying (though you WILL notice a lot of lint on the first wash and drying - see below). The edges are hemmed then sewn a second time to ensure durability and longevity. (packaged size larger, shrinks to stated size with first washing)
  • Made and assembled in the USA - cut, sewn and packaged in our Atlanta location.

What I did not like about the Allergy Armor Blanket

  • Currently, it is available in only one color, natural. (contains no dyes though we are working on finding organic dyes)
  • On your first wash, you might notice a lot of lint. This is normal for an untreated fabric and will decrease dramatically after the first wash. I highly recommend washing and drying by itself the first time.

While the cost of an organic blanket is typically higher than traditional manufactured bedding, for most people, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. The Allergy Armor organic cotton blanket is well crafted, durable, and an American made organic product. Crafted from certified organic cotton, these blankets promotes sustainable farming without use of chemical fertilizers and toxic insecticides. Suitable for year round use, the Allergy Armor certified organic cotton blankets are ideal for the chemically sensitive who love the feel of cotton without the harmful chemicals.

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King Blanket Crepe 120WT (Item#: AA5013) $129.99
Baby Blanket Crepe 120WT (Item#: AA9062) $59.99
Queen Blanket Crepe 120WT (Item#: AA5014) $109.99
Twin Blanket Crepe 120WT (Item#: AA5015) $99.99

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