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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferer,

Welcome to Allergy Consumer Report, your free, monthly e-newsletter for allergy relief news, tips, product reviews, and discounts. Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, you’ll find timely, compelling information and special discounts each month in Allergy Consumer Report.

We'd like to thank CVS Pharmacist Kristen Wilmot for participating in this month's Allergy Consumer Report Expert Interview.

The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald

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Volume Four :: Issue Two:: February 2007    
Feature Articles
Steam Cleaning 101

Steam Cleaning 101:
Top Seven Reasons for Steam Cleaning

The Vapor Steam Cleaner has quickly become the preferred cleaning tool for many people with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities.

Easy Solutions for Dry Sinuses & Dry Skin

Easy Solutions for Dry Sinuses & Dry Skin
Winter air and artificial heat dry out the skin and sinus membranes. Try these tips for hydrating and restoring moisture.

Inflammation & Chronic Disease

Inflammation & Chronic Disease
Allergists and immunologists aren't the only medical specialists interested in inflammation these days.

Expert Interview
CVS Pharmacist Kristen on Allergy Medications

CVS Pharmacist Kristen Wilmot on Allergy Medications
"Probably half of the people who come in to the pharmacy are coming in not to pick up a prescription, but to simply ask me what they can do for their allergies…"

Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight

Keith G. of West Chester, PA was the winner of last month’s Free Austin Air Purifier Drawing. Congratulations, Keith! Enter to win your own free Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier.

Lisa C. of Las Vegas, NV was the winner of last month's free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package. Congratulations, Lisa! Enter to win your own free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package.

Amy V. of Washington, DC writes: I am extremely pleased with your website. I found the information on allergy bedding extremely helpful, and the site was very easy to use. This is one of the only sites I found that was informative and easy to use, which is why I purchased on your site. I don't normally fill these comment fields out, but I am extremely impressed!

Submit your own allergy relief stories, questions, tips, and product reviews and share them with the world. If your submission is published in Allergy Consumer Report, you will receive a free achoo! ALLERGY t-shirt!
What's New at achoo!
2007 achoo! ALLERGY catalog

Our 2007 catalog has arrived! Request your FREE 2007 achoo! ALLERGY catalog now to see all of our new allergy relief products, including our exclusive Allergy Armor™ Ultra allergy relief bedding with the lowest average pore size in the industry.

Humidifier Buying Guide

Humidifier Buying Guide - Learn how to choose the right humidifier to hydrate the air in your home.

Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems FAQ - Learn about sinusitis, rhinitis, and other aspects of otolaryngology.

Headlines from the Allergy Relief Blog
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02/01/2007 Diagnosing Asthma in Children
01/25/2007 Molecular Link between Inflammation & Cancer Discovered
01/23/2007 Starting the ALCAT Food Sensitivity Diet Plan
01/23/2007 Teens with Food Allergies Take Dangerous Risks
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Discounts & Featured Products
5% OFF the purchase of any Slant/Fin GF-300 Germ-Free Humidifier with UV Light
Reliable T730A Home Steam Cleaner

NEW! Reliable T730A Home Steam Cleaner
Safe for your family and the environment, chemical-free vapor steam cleaning harnesses the power of steam to kill dust mites, mold, bacteria, and germs. $399.00

Electrolux EL5035A Oxygen 3 Upright HEPA Vacuum

NEW! Electrolux EL5035A Oxygen 3 Upright HEPA Vacuum
Perfect for allergy sufferers who prefer a premium, intelligent upright HEPA vacuum. $398.00

Organic Cotton Blankets

NEW! Organic Cotton Blankets
Made from 100% certified organic cotton and free of harsh pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. From $99.00

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier
Medical-grade true HEPA filter plus HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filtration. From $299.99

Vanicream Skin Cream

Vanicream Skin Cream
A customer favorite, recommended by dermatologists for people with dry, sensitive skin. From $5.99

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