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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferer,

Welcome to Allergy Consumer Report, your free, monthly e-newsletter for allergy relief news, tips, product reviews, and discounts. Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities, you’ll find timely, compelling information and special discounts each month in Allergy Consumer Report.

Parents, don't miss this month's coupon for 10% of any Complete Dust Mite Dorm Bedding Package. The package contains everything your child needs to stay comfy, cozy, and allergy-free at school!

The allergy epidemic remains on the rise worldwide, but we can overcome this disease through awareness, education, environmental control, and allergen avoidance.

    Breathe Better,

    P. Cade McDonald
    Allergy Consumer Report

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Volume Four :: Issue Seven :: July 2007    

Feature Articles

Parents: Get Ready for Back to School Now, Breathe Easier Later

Parents: Get Ready for Back to School Now, Breathe Easier Later
Recent research shows that hay fever, which peaks between the ages of 14 and 24, often costs students a whole exam grade!

How to Recognize Marketing Ploys & Choose the Right Air Purifier

How to Recognize Marketing Ploys & Choose the Right Air Purifier
ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour, and it is arguably the most important and least understood factor in air purification.

Toxicodendron Dermatitis: Poison Plant Allergy

Toxicodendron Dermatitis: Poison Plant Allergy
A whopping 90% of Americans are allergic to urushiol, the yellow oil found in certain plants.

Make Room for New Space-Saving Vacuum Cleaners

Make Room for New Space-Saving Vacuum Cleaners
Does your old vacuum cleaner take up the majority of the space in your storage closet?

Monthly Allergy Quiz

Monthly Allergy Quiz

Air Purifiers, ACH & CADR
How much do you know about Air Purifiers, ACH & CADR? Be one of the first 10 people to answer all 10 questions correctly, and you'll receive 5% off your next order!

Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight

Karelle M. of Miami, FL was the winner of last month’s Free Austin Air Purifier Drawing. Congratulations, Karelle! Enter to win your own free Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier.

Leona M. of Pioneer, TN was the winner of last month's free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package. Congratulations, Leona! Enter to win your own free Allergy Armor allergy relief bedding package.

Submit your own allergy relief stories, questions, tips, and product reviews and share them with the world. If your submission is published in Allergy Consumer Report, you will receive a free achoo! ALLERGY t-shirt!

What's New at achoo!

Animal Lovers Overcome Pet Allergies with Environmental Control

Animal Lovers Overcome Allergies with Environmental Control
Now animal lovers can conquer their pet allergies with new environmental control technologies.

Headlines from the Allergy Relief Blog


Study Suggests One in Four People Allergic to Cats


Natural Allergy Relief Tips from WebMD


Breathing Exercises Cut Asthma Symptoms by a Third


One Out of Ten North Americans Now Has Asthma


Birch Pollen & Soy Allergy Cross Reactions
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Discounts & Featured Products

Receive 10% Off any Complete Dust Mite Dorm Bedding Package

Dyson Slim Vacuum Cleaner

NEW! Dyson Slim Vacuum Cleaner
Slender, lightweight & easy to maneuver.

Dyson Stowaway Vacuum Cleaner

NEW! Dyson Stowaway Vacuum Cleaner
The only canister vacuum that doesn't lose suction.

Dyson Car Clean Kit

NEW! Dyson Car Clean Kit
Everything you need for easy, thorough automobile cleaning.

Electrolux Twin Clean Canister Vacuum

NEW! Electrolux Twin Clean Canister Vacuum
The only bagless canister vacuum to clean its own filter.

Electrolux Intensity Upright Vacuum

NEW! Electrolux Intensity Upright Vacuum
Folds for storage, taking up less space than a laundry basket.

Electrolux Pronto 2-in-1 Vacuum

NEW! Electrolux Pronto 2-in-1 Vacuum
A stick vacuum and handheld vacuum all in one. $99.99

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