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Dear Fellow Allergy Sufferer,

Having just returned from a trip to Chicago to visit my in-laws, I have an interesting Christmas dinner story to share. My in-laws are the best, some of the sweetest people in my life. They are also cat lovers. We love going to visit because we donít get to see them often, we get to see the rest of the family and there is usually snow on the ground for the kids to play in.

This year my mother-in-law insisted on having Christmas dinner at her house for 23 people. I have been to her house in years past and noted having severe allergy problems because of their cats. My wife and I discussed the matter beforehand and she put no pressure on me to attend. Not wanting to be left out, I attended. I prepared beforehand by taking my nasal steroid and my antihistamine / decongestant about 2 hours before we went over for dinner.

I lasted all of 20 minutes. I had a mask in my pocket as a last resort but I didnít feel comfortable putting it on. I had to leave as everyone was seated for dinner. I missed after dinner conversation and present opening. Iíve never had an allergic reaction as bad as the one I had that evening at their house. I left wheezing and coughing. I know I am allergic to cats. They have 3 cats that stay indoors all the time.

My mother-in-law and I spoke the next day when we were out for breakfast and we made sure that each others feelings were not hurt and that each of us understood the situation. We did and we do. We communicated, which is the point of this story. They understand that I am severely allergic to cats and I understand that my mother-in-law really values having all her kids and their families back to her house for Christmas dinner. 

Next year Iíll request a to go plate,

Breathe Better,

P. Cade McDonald
Allergy Consumer Report

Volume Six :: Issue One:: January 2009    
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Reader Spotlight

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