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June 2012  

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Allergist Interview - Dr. Susan Kirchner A Doctor's Perspective on Allergies -

Allergist Interview: Dr. SusanN Kircher

"Stinging insects that can cause life-threatening allergic reactions include bees, wasps, hornets, and fire ants. Allergy shots for stinging insect allergies provide desensitization and are 97 percent curative. The general population has a four to five percent chance of being allergic, so with shots, the risk is down to lower than that of the general population."

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Phthalates, PVC Flooring,
& Children

"Because of the chemical makeup of phthalates, they do not permanently bond to the compounds to which they are added. Unfortunately, this means that over time, they can and are released in to the air or leach into water, and because they are ubiquitous (as well as linked to causing allergies, asthma and MCS), this can pose potential health risks."

More on phthalates and children...

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