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Allerpet - CATS

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  • Perfect for Removing Allergens Between Baths
  • Safe & Gentle for Kittens
  • Made in USA
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    Allerpet - CATS

    AllerPet/C is Made in the USABetter than pet wipes, Allerpet/C gently cleanses your cat's hair of saliva, dander and sebaceous gland secretions which contain Fel d1, the prime cause of allergic reactions. Special binding agents capture the protein particles in dander, freeing them from the skin and hair for easy removal with a cloth. Allerpet/C used in conjunction with regular bathing and brushes can greatly reduce the amount of Fel d1 allergen in your home. For many people, that would nearly eliminate allergic reactions completely. Allerpet/C is formulated specifically for cats and people who are allergic to cats. Non-toxic and safe, even for kittens, it is easy to use and an effective tool in reducing cat dander between baths.

    Allerpet - CATS - Ingredients

    DI UV water; quaternium-26; glycerin; quaternium-22; allantoin; panthenol; aloe vera gel; stearyltrimonium hydroxyethyl hydrolyzed collagen; sodium styrene/PEG-10 maleate/acrylates copolymer (and) ammonium nonoxynol-4 sulfate; hydrolyzed collagen; citric acid; methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) methylisothiazolinone.

    Ingredients are the same for both Allerpet Dog & Cat solutions. Concentrations of ingredients vary making each product unique. Comes in a 12 fl. oz. bottle.

    Shelf Life of AllerPet Cat - Approximately 3-4 Years in unopened bottles.

    Allerpet - CATS - A Closer Look

    Keep Your Cat - Get Rid of the DanderHow to Apply Allerpet/C

    To use, first groom your cat with a fine to medium toothed metal comb for cats, removing as much loose hair and debris as possible. The small brush work well for this. Then, wet a washcloth with Allerpet and thoroughly run it over your cat. Try to treat all the way to the skin, first wiping against the lay of your cat's hair then with it. Once you're finished you can simply dry your cat with a towel or hair dryer, no rinsing required!

    For cats that shed heavily, you may have to treat them more frequently. If the cat is allowed to roam through the home, the allergen (Fel d1) has likely accumulated. You may have to use Allerpet more frequently since your pet will pick up the allergen that has spread and accumulated throughout the home. In some locations during drier weather, you can use Allerpet/C in a spray bottle between applications.

    Customer Reviews

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    Love this stuff!!!
    I absolutely love this product for my customers that have allergies to cats but don't want to get rid of their little fur babies. It really has saved a lot of happy kitty cat homes! I would recommend this product to everyone I know that has a cat allergy.
    Review by Kallie P / (Posted on 7/8/2015)
    For the love of our Cats
    For those who have children that can't be without their pets, expecially a cat, Allerpet C is a wonderful product. Just brush the cat once a week and wash them down with the solution,the cat and the allergy sufferer can live together peacefully.
    Review by son with cat allergies / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Great product !!! Definitely something to buy again!
    Review by Christina / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Great Product
    It is a great product and a great way to keep the cat dander away.
    Review by Courtney / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Cat Relief
    I have had and been around cats for years. Love them all, but an allergic to their dander. Akin to asthma. Using allerpet/C for cats has given me a wheezing free life. My daughter's Christmas present is now my best friend! I have also recommended it to my brother and his family. They have 2 cats and their owner is also allergic. Thank you Achoo Allergy for lettin me enjoy cats again!
    Review by Cat lover Laurie / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    Much easier than a full bath!
    I used this product between full baths, and it kept the sniffles and sneezing at bay for another 6 days. It stretches out the days between full baths which is very nice for my kitty who of course doesn't like water.
    Review by A grateful cat owner / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    pleased with no sneeze
    My son is visiting but he has an allergy to cats...even mine. I tried allerpet/c on the recommendation of my vet and it has worked wonderfully. My son has not had even one sneeze or itchy eye.
    Review by Mom of suffered / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    No review title given
    My son loves cats but he is allergic to them. Recently I was told about the product and it has help alot.
    Review by Cat lover / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    This product changed my life
    I was about to give my cat away when a coworker turned me on to Allerpet/C for cats. I no longer have any asthma or other reactions, and I can continue to keep and love my cat forever. I've been recommending this product to everyone I know. Thank you Achoo!
    Review by Former sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)
    What cat?
    I have been allergic to cats all my life, but finally decided to let my husband get one. We were so dissapointed when a week later I was sneezing and my eyes were puffy. We heard about and ordered Allerpet. We cleaned the house emaculately, then began using allerpet. She has only received two treatments, and I already feel great. My mother, who also happens to be highly allergic, came to visit this past weekend. After spending the night, she asked, do yall still have that cat? The stuff is amazing, and my husband is glad that he doesn't have to give up his little buddy!!
    Review by New to Cats / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    AllerPet C Dander Remover Reviews

    Allerpet/C for Cats

    I have the cutest, fluffiest cat, but unfortunately he makes my eyes itchy and watery and makes me sneeze like crazy. In order to combat this problem so that I can enjoy my time with him, I have started using Allerpet Cat. After brushing the cat I take a cloth dampened with Allerpet and run it over his coat. At first he didn't like it, but now he is used to it and actually seems to enjoy the weekly ritual.

    What I like about Allerpet/C

    • Easy to use
    • Really works to eliminate allergens - nearly eliminated my reactions completely
    • Removes surface dirt that the cat would normally bring into the house
    • Unlike baths, won't dry out your cats skin
    • Completely safe and requires no rinsing, unlike shampoos
    • Non-toxic, gentle enough for use on kittens
    • Made in USA

    What I didn't like about Allerpet/C

    • It can be a little messy while applying and at first, your cat may not be very receptive to you cleaning it

    In summary, Allerpet/C for Cats is a great product for people who suffer from cat allergies. Allerpet/C greatly reduces saliva and dander, the primary causes of cat allergies, from your cat's coat. Once you start using this product on a regular basis, you can enjoy being closer to your cat without the worry of an allergic reaction.

    Product Questions

    The instructions say to dampen a cloth with allerpet but to do that I feel like I am using a ton of this stuff. Is there a better way to to apply to a cat where u aren&#39t wasting so much solution???
    Does Allerpet work for rabbits?
    Please tell me how many ounces in the The Ecologyworks Pet Allergy Shampoo and in the Allerpet/C for cats. I couldn't find that info. Thank you!