Aprilaire 1850 Whole Home Dehumidifier

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Aprilaire 1850
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Aprilaire 1850 Whole House Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850 Large Home Dehumidifier Free ShippingThe Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier is Made in the USAAs the direct replacement for the 1750 dehumidifier, the performance of the new Aprilaire 1850 Whole Home Dehumidifier is likely best described as "large and in charge". With a 95 pint moisture removal capacity and 5000 sqare foot coverage area, the 1850 is powerful enough to keep nearly any home drier and more comfortable throughout the humid summer and spring months. Ducting directly into your existing HVAC structure, the 1850 simplifies the process of controlling humidity and excess moisture. This redesigned large home dehumidifier features a digital display and humidistat, array of automatic features, and a new design that gives installers numerous way to configure the 1850 to meet nearly any install specification. In addition to these features, the Aprilaire 1850 is exceptionally quiet, durable and more compact than previous Aprilaire whole home models. If you're ready to improve comfortability and reduce moisture throughout your home without spending excessive time and money using and maintaining multiple room dehumidifiers, consider the Aprilaire 1850 home dehumidifier.

NOTE: Remove zip tie and stabilizing bracket from rear of the machine before use.

Aprilaire 1850 Whole House Dehumidifier Product Features

  • Removes 95 pints (nearly 12 gallons) per day (@ 60%RH, 80° F). That's five more pints per day than its predecessor, the Aprilaire 1750A
  • Highly versatile with multiple configuration and installation options
  • Electronic display with digital humidistat & push button controls, can also be remotely controlled (separate hardware required)
  • Lower operating costs by automatically sensing moisture levels, sampling the air every hour and running only when needed to maintain your humidity set point
  • An insulated cabinet increases efficiency and quiets operation
  • At just 54 dBA when ducted, the Aprilaire 1850 is one of the quietest operating home dehumidifiers available
  • E-coated coils and eco-friendly R410A refrigerant for improved efficiency
  • Includes MERV 8 filter to remove dust and protect the motor (can be washed or replaced annually depending on conditions)
  • Frost protection shuts off compressor when area temperature is too low
  • Includes two 10" ducting flanges
  • Every six months, the unit will display a Clean Filter reminder. Clean, replace and reset. Press Up & Down arrows simultaneously to reset the reminder
  • Features auto restart in case of power loss
  • Inlet air operating conditions 50° to 104° F
  • Made in the USA

Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier ReviewsProduct Reviews and Questions

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Customer Q & A

Q1: I ahve the 1850 and it is ducted with two duct into my basement furnance/ air conditioner. does the unit have to be hard wired or can i just plug it in? thanks jeff

A: I believe this is your choice. All of the AprilAire 1850 models come with a power cord. However, with the two whole home units, there is an option to remove the power cord and hardwire the unit direct into your power source. Hope that helps!

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Aprilaire 1850 Whole Home Dehumidifier Reviews
Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier

One of the most popular whole home dehumidifiers Aprilaire ever designed was the 1750, but with the retirement of this model, Aprilaire has replaced it with something that is not only more effective but also quieter and smaller. The new Aprilaire 1850 whole home dehumidifier is an excellent solution to reducing indoor humidity throughout the home. By tying directly into your existing HVAC structure, the 1850 removes moisture while making your home more comfortable and less hospitable to dust mites and mold. When you compare this new model to the popular 1750, it is easy to see where they have taken contractor and customer input and improved this unit.

What I like about the Aprilaire 1850

Moisture Removal - Removing five more pints per day than its predecessor, the Aprilaire 1850 can pull out 95 pints of water per day from the air in your home. That's twelve gallons of moisture in a 24 hour period. So not only is it more powerful, but it actually uses less energy per liter of water removed than even the Energy Star rated 1830. (FYI, this model isn't Energy Star rated in its own right because certification measures for a 95 pint rated model are higher than that of a 70 pint model.) With CFM that can reach 300 (depending on specific install conditions), the 1850 provides all the power and moisture removal capacity you need to keep medium and even larger homes drier.

Advanced, Convenient Controls - Unlike the rotary dial of the 1750, the new 1850 has a digital display. Using this LCD screen and push button controls you can set your humidity level to an actual numerical value. With the old dial, this wasn't possible without a separate hygrometer. The internal humidistat gives you control over your humidity level while the control panel allows you to set a variety of variables specific to your install. Additionally, the screen provides you with a filter change/clean reminder and displays specific error codes to help diagnose any potential problems. Next to the control panel is a plastic cover, and printed on the underside of the cover is a quick guide to diagnostic codes. Lastly, the control panel itself can be repositioned. You can move the controls from the top of the unit to the front for more convenient use.

Multiple Configurations - While the Aprilaire 1850 can be used as a stand-alone dehumidifier, is excels as an HVAC dehumidifier. Two included 10" ducting collars allow for simple and easy integration into existing HVAC systems, and the condensate can be drained by directly connecting 3/4" PVC line to the machine or by using the supplied adapter and barbed connection in conjunction with a 1/2" flexible drain line. The dry air discharge can be configured for the top or the back of the machine. Simply switch the panels and you're all set! The feet are adjustable, and as mentioned above, even the control panel can be adjusted. This model also gives you the option to hardwire it into your home's electrical system, pull in fresh air and open a louver, as well as connect wiring to a control panel that could be situated at another part of the house. While we STRONGLY recommend you have your 1850 installed by a licensed and insured HVAC contractor, this model gives you and the contractor a wide range of installation options.

Noise Level - You will be hard pressed to find a quieter whole home dehumidifier. At 54 dBa, the 1850 whole house dehumidifier operates so quietly that you will very likely never hear it run while in the home.

Smaller Size - When you can get better performance from a smaller, lighter dehumidifier, it's better for everyone. This makes installation easier while making shipment of your dehumidifier, safer. Almost twenty pounds lighter and with a more compact profile, the 1850 is slim enough to fit in even some of the tightest of spaces, including attics and even closets.

Like all of the Aprilaire dehumidifiers, the 1850 has all the standard features that have made it a very popular choice including steel construction, auto defrost, auto restart after power outages and a five year warranty.

What I did not like about the Aprilaire 1850

With all of the improvement Aprilaire has made to their line of home dehumidifiers, it's a bit difficult to find glaring problems. The only thing I don't like about this dehumidifier, and this complaint is essentially par for the course when it comes to this type of product, is that you will most certainly want to have an HVAC specialist install it. There are variables, like pressure drop and wiring issues that the layperson may not have much experience with or consider when trying to install an HVAC dehumidifier. This can possible lead to problems with the unit or problems with the warranty down the road. Even if you don't take full advantage of some of the potential install features of this machine, play it safe and get a certified/insured contractor.

Overall, the Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier is an improvement over the 1750. With greater capacity, more flexibility, quieter operation and a smaller profile, the 1850 delivers solid performance on all fronts. A five year warranty and expected lifespan of fifteen years make this investment an attractive one, particularly when it means a smaller impact on your power bill but a big improvement in the comfort of your home. When installing, go with a pro, and you'll be reaping the benefits of reduced moisture, fewer allergens and greater comfort and convenience in no time.

Aprilaire 1850 Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Average to Large Homes
Model Number: 1850
Coverage Area: Up to 5200 sq. ft.
Water Removal: 95 Pints per day @ 60%, 80°F
CFM Rating: 265-300 (varies based on external static pressure)
Defrost Type: Auto defrost control - compressor will turn off in extremely cold conditions; fan will operate automatically until the coils are defrosted
Auto Restart: Yes
Controls: Push Button w/ Digital Display & Integrated Humidistat
Air Filter: Yes, MERV 8
Operating Range: From 50° F - 104° F
Noise Level: 54 dBa (ducted)
Drain: 3/4" (diameter) PVC Adapter
Wheels: No, four adjustable feet
Ductable: Yes, 10" Inlet/Outlet Collars
Dimensions: 12.5" W x 27.5 L x 14.5 H (cabinet dims only, does NOT include dims with ducting collars)
Weight: 75 lbs.
Power Supply: 120v, 8 amps
Energy Factor: 2.2 L/kW (per hour)
Certifications: UL and ETL
Warranty: 5 Year (Parts Only)

Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier Warranty Information

5 Year Limited Warranty - Parts Only

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