Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier


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Aprilaire 1850F
Item#: AE0006
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Aprilaire 1850F Basement Dehumidifier

AprilAire 1850 F Dehumidifier Free ShippingThe AprilAire 1850 F Dehumidifier is Made in the USAFollowing in the footsteps of our most popular crawlspace dehumidifier is no easy task, but the lighter, more compact and newly redesigned AprilAire 1850F keeps all of the features that made the 1710A so great and improves on them! Instead of the rotary dial humidistat, the 1850F features a digital display with push button controls and an integrated humidistat. Every six months, the control panel will even remind you to clean or replace the MERV 8 air filter. This new crawlspace dehumidifier removes five more pints of moisture per day, for a total of 95 pints, and still uses less power than comparable models. Best of all, with its lighter weight and slimmer profile, the Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier is now thin enough to fit snuggly between most floor joists. Casters allow for easy mobility in basements, and the included five feet of drain line can be used to drain the unit directly into a floor drain or into a condensate pump for situations where gravity isn't on your side.

Aprilaire 1850F Basement Dehumidifier Product Features

  • Removes 95 pints/11.88 gallons per day (@ 60%RH, 80° F), that's FIVE MORE pints per day than the popular 1710A dehumidifier
  • Provides three times the moisture removing capacity compared to standard portable dehumidifiers
  • Lighter and more compact than the 1710A, the new slim profile allows it to fit between floor joists and studs
  • Easy to use simply run the drain line, plug it in, set the humidity level and let the unit do all the work
  • Easy to read digital control display w/ integrated humidistat
  • Automatically senses moisture levels by sampling the air every hour and runs only when needed to maintain humidity set point
  • Powerful 245 CFM fan combined with the water removal rate means the new Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier can cover 2200 - 5000 sq. ft.
  • Half inch, cabinet insulation for increased efficiency and quiet operation, just 60 dBa on high
  • No messy tanks or buckets to empty and clean. Optional water drainage: Includes drain adapters and five feet of drain tube or can routed to a condensate pump for a more versatile drain option
  • Special E-coated coils for improved efficiency
  • Includes MERV 8 filter to remove dust and protect the motor (can be washed or replaced annually depending on conditions)
  • Frost protection shuts off compressor when area temperature is too low
  • Every six months, the unit will display a Clean Filter reminder. Clean, replace and reset. Press Up & Down arrows simultaneously to reset the reminder
  • Energy efficient high performance removes more moisture per kilowatt/hour, far surpassing most leading portables
  • Features Auto Restart in case of power outages
  • Inlet Air Operating Conditions 50° to 104° F
  • Made in the USA

Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier ReviewsProduct Reviews and Questions

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Customer Q & A

Q1: I have a crawl space of about 2500-2800 square feet. Will your larger unit work in my crawl space? I am going to have my heating and air company put this in for me. Thanks.

A: This unit would be stretched to cover that area. If your moisture problem isn't a severe one, you might get away with the 1850F. Generally, it works best in the 1800-2200 sq. ft. range assuming an average ceiling height of 3ft. or so. The main reason for these limitations is circulation in the space. When the volume of air gets to a certain point, depending on the CFM of the model, it simply cannot adequately cycle through and dry all of the air in the space properly. Design and the actual construction of system also play a role, but you may want to consider either the larger, AprilAire 1850 model. Though this is designed to be built directly into an existing HVAC system for whole home dehumidification, it can work as a stand along model just as well. The Santa Fe Force also might be a good model to consider as it would be able to dry this size of space. Both are easy install if you do just a basic setup level, connect power, run the drain line, and set your humidity. Hope that helps!

Q2: Does the drain have to be hard piped on gravity fall or does the unit pump out the condesation?

A: There is no internal condensate pump, so once it's set up and level, you can either use a hard line then an elbow out to give you the you need or the barbed fitting plus the 5' flexible hose that are included.

Q3: I have a very wet 600 sq ft basement and was considering an Aprilaire 1850f. The furnace and electrical panel are starting to rust and altho I have a couple portable dehumidifiers going when it is wet down there they arent doing the job. It seems like the 1850f might help alot. Is it easy to unload and hook up just plug into a normal outlet or does there have to be a special/exclusive outlet? I tried to do Live Chat but couldn't get it to stay up for me. Need an answer asap please. Thanks K

A: Yes, that model is easy to set up and operate. It's a plug and play style so there's no hardwiring or need for a dedicated circuit. The amperage draw isn't such that it would kick a breaker out unless you were also trying to run those two other portables you mentioned, at the same time, on the same circuit. It will certainly cover that square footage with no problem. But yes, andy standard 110/115 outlet will work. Hope that helps!

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Aprilaire 1850 F Crawlspace Dehumidifier Reviews
Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier

As the first part of redesigning the entire Aprilaire line of home dehumidifiers, the new AprilAire 1850F dehumidifier borrows much of what worked so well with its predecessor, the 1710A, but improves upon a few key points. As the last several years have shown, the 1710A was an ideal unit for drying out your basement or crawlspace, and 1850F retains the critical features while offering a better control panel and display, higher water removal capacity, and a slimmer profile. Let's dig a little deeper and see what makes the new Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier an excellent fit for any home or basement.

What I like about the Aprilaire 1850F

AprilAire dehumidifiers have long been know for being powerful units, and the 1850F is no exception. With a strong motor and superior airflow, this newly redesigned crawlspace dehumidifier surpasses the 1710A by 5 pints per day, removing a total of 95 pints in a 24 hour period. That's nearly 12 gallons of water removed! Though it is a powerful unit, it is not as loud as other crawlspace and basement dehumidifiers. This is because of an upgraded fan assembly and silence insulation, and it's so quiet that you'll likely never hear it operate from the living spaces in your home.

An integrated humidistat has always been a feature of Aprilaire dehumidifiers, but in lieu of the rotary dial, the 1850F has a digital display. No longer do you need to refer to the user manual to determine what "dryer" equates to, nor do you have to use a separate humidity gauge to get an accurate reading. The LCD display will also flash a reminder every six months to wash or replace the MERV 8 air filter. This filter keeps the motor free of debris while improving the air quality in the space where the 1850F is operating. Washing it once after six months of use then reset the display, and six month later when it appear again, simply replace the filter to keep your drying at its best.

The only significant complaint with the 1710A dehumidifier (aside from the lack of a digital humidistat) was the size. Both the old and new models do have casters but the weight and dimensions of the 1710A made it difficult for some to use in their crawlspace. No more. The Aprilaire 1850F dehumidifier is trimmed down. Not only did it shed nearly 20lbs. in weight, but it now has a more rectangular profile instead of a square one. It is actually thin enough to fit between most floor joists or studs, and this will make installation a lot easier for most folks.

This model is does NOT significantly add to your monthly power bill. It doesn't quite reach Energy Star qualifications but uses less power than many comparable models. How does it do this? When you initially start the machine, set it to 55%. It will likely run a during the first day or two as, like with many things in life, it's harder to get something than to maintain it. So while it pulls moisture from the air, the air will then in turn pull excess moisture from the surroundings. After this initial run, you should then set the humidity to your desired level. Once every hour the 1850F should kick on and run, sampling the air to check the current relative humidity. When it senses the humidity is higher then your set point, the condenser will operate and begin extracting moisture. If the humidity level is still below your desired level, it will shut back down and remain quiet for another hour until it samples the air again. This type of operation is efficient in that it uses significant power only when it needs to and will sit idle when not needed.

On a personal note, I was glad they dropped the P-trap with the new model. For most people, it wasn't a necessary component and caused more confusion than anything. You still do get a couple adapters if there is a specific way you want to drain the condensate, and there is 5' of included drain hose that you can use in conjunction with a condensate pump or simply run to a nearby floor drain.

Like all AprilAire dehumidifiers and unlike most you'll find on the market today, the 1850F is proudly made in the USA.

Lastly, the 5 year warranty is among the best of all dehumidifier manufacturers.

What I did not like about the Aprilaire 1850F

For crawlspace, and even some basement applications, a condensate pump is handy to have. With the AprilAire 1850F dehumidifier, it can easily be used with a condensate pump, but one does not come standard.

In the past, I was hard pressed to find many drawbacks with the popular 1710A dehumidifier, other than size and the manual humidistat. The new AprilAire 1850F dehumidifier eliminates both of those concerns and improves in a couple other areas to make a good machine better. For damp basements or musty crawlspaces, the 1850F is looking to pick up right where the 1710A left off, as one of the most reliable, efficient and durable home dehumidifiers available today.

Aprilaire 1850F Technical Specifications

Recommended For: Basement / Crawlspace
Model Number: 1850F
Coverage Area: 2200-5000 sq. ft.
Water Removal: 95 Pints per day @ 60%, 80°F
CFM Rating: 245
Defrost Type: Auto defrost control - compressor will turn off in extremely cold conditions; fan will operate automatically until the coils are defrosted
Auto Restart: Yes
Controls: Push Button w/ Digital Display & Integrated Humidistat
Air Filter: Yes, MERV 8
Operating Range: From 50° F - 104° F
Noise Level: 60 dBa
Drain: Includes Barbed Fitting & 1/2" (diameter) x 5' Drain Hose
Wheels: Casters
Dimensions: 12.5" W x 27.5 L x 17 H
Weight: 70 lbs.
Power Supply: 115v, 8 amps (includes 8 grounded power cord)
Energy Factor: 2.2 L/kW (per hour)
Warranty: 5 Year (Parts Only)

AprilAire 1850F Dehumidifier Warranty Information

5 Year Limited Warranty - Parts Only

Additional Resources

Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier Owner's Manual    April Aire 1850 F Owner's Manual
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