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Austin Allergy Machine Air Purifier

Using technology that was previously available only to hospitals and the military, the Austin Air Allergy Machine air purifier features HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filtration, designed for areas heavily polluted by smoke, odors, gases, smog, and fumes. The Austin Air Allergy Machine efficiently traps standard allergens like dust, dander, pollen, and mold with its hospital grade HEPA filter. With two pre-filters for large and medium particle filtration, the Austin Allergy Machine removes a broad range of allergens and asthma attack triggers. The Allergy Machine comes in two convenient sizes to handle large and small rooms alike. The Austin Allergy Machine - Made in the USA For larger rooms up to 750 sq. ft. the standard size Allergy Machine is your best option while for space up to 375 sq. ft. the Allergy Machine Jr. is an ideal fit. With easy maintenance and durable these allergy air purifiers are sure to bring you years of lasting allergy relief.

*NOTE: The large particle pre-filter for ALL Austin air purifiers is the same. Just choose the correct size (400 or 200) and color (black or white).

Austin Air Allergy Machine Product Features

  • Medical-grade True HEPA Filter for removal of 99.97% of particulate pollutants 0.3 microns in size and 95% of all particles 0.1 microns and larger.
  • HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) Filtration features an advanced military carbon cloth to absorb odors and gases.
  • Built-in pre-filter significantly extends the life of the HEPA filter by trapping medium size particles like pollen.
  • Plastics on many air purifiers emit gases and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. Austin Air purifiers feature solid steel construction, which means they will not off-gas chemicals, and they're sturdy and built to last for years.
  • Baked on non-toxic powder coat finish.
  • Specially engineered 360-degree Air Intake for maximum air flow.
  • Control switch with three speeds.
  • Three to five year filter life means low filter replacement costs.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, simple vacuum the exterior of the air purifier once a month and replace the separate, large pre-filter once per year.
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient PSC motor.
  • Casters for easy moving (optional on the Allergy Machine Jr.)
  • Five-year pro-rated filter guarantee. Five-year mechanical warranty.
  • Effective for areas up to 750 square feet (for the Allergy Machine) or 375 square feet (for the Allergy Machine Jr.).

Austin Allergy Machine - A Closer Look

Austin Air Allergy Machine Fan and Motor Assembly Austin Air Allergy Machine Fan and Motor Assembly

Austin Air has years of experience in producing quality allergy air purifiers. The simple, economical design of the unit makes it an attractive, long term value. Air is pulled in 360 degrees around the unit and, after being pulled through the sealed, 4 stage filtration, exits through the top of the unit. On the highest setting, the motor uses only a little more power than a standard light bulb and it, as well as they housing, is covered by a 5 year mechanical warranty.
Austin Air's Construction and Engineering Cutaway of Austin Air's Construction and Engineering

Austin Air cleaners are not made of any plastic parts. Plastics can off gas and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. That's why Austin Air cleaners have all steel construction with a baked on powder coat finish. The sturdy steel construction of every Austin Air product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years.

Air is drawn through two particle prefilters with a powerful 1.5 h.p. PSC motor then through a military grade HEGA cloth and finally hospital grade HEPA filter media. Gaskets ensure no air leakage.

Product Reviews

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  Breathing Clear
Reviewed by: Sue  from Mystic, CT

I ran the junior in my bedroom and could tell the difference right away. I live in a house with electric heat and air tight construction. Thanks to this unit, I could take deep breaths of clean, clear air with great relief. I'm getting one for the office, too!
  This is the one you want!
Reviewed by: Bob the allergy sufferer from Huntington Beach, CA

I have had asthma and allergies all my life. This is the fourth HEPA unit I have purchased in the last 15 years. The Austin Air Machine is by far the simplest and the most effective HEPA unit I've ever owned. It produces an abudent amount of clean air. I have a very large bedroom and I can "FEEL" the difference in the air quality. I've already reduced my meds due to the Austin. If you you suffer like I do, bite the bullet and buy this machine. You will be glad you did!
  Finally clean air
Reviewed by: Dust mite sufferer from San Francisco, CA

Every time I go into my bedroom, I notice the air is different from the rest of my apartment. The air is clean and I breathe better. The Jr. size is perfect for my small bedroom and I have noticed that I don't have as much dust and that my cats don't bother me as much as they used to. I like that there isn't an ionizer on it as that just aggravates asthma. My old air purifier was just that, old. I am happy to have a new purifier that is allowing me to breathe easier.

Customer Q & A

Q1: I am curious as to how much open space one needs around the system. I read the Honeywell needs three feet all around, and I am curious what this one needs.

A: At a minimum you'll likely want 18". As a general rule, the more freely air can circulate around the unit, the better you can clean the air in that room. Additionally, you may find that if you place any air purifier 12" or less next to a wall, the wall may become dirty in time. The lack of proper circulation will mean that the air can't flow freely to and through the machine. So often times particle wil settle on the wall instead of flowing through and being trapped by the filter. The wall can easily be wiped down, but this is just a possible result of not enough space between the wall and an air purifier.

Q2: This machine is says that it will help with airborne mold spores. We have been worried about mold in our home and had it tested. There was no findings of mold growing on any surfaces but, that we have elevated levels of mold spores in the air according to air test. Would this help our situation. We have never seen mold in our home not even on the windows. If our problem is airborn we are hoping this is the solution.

A: Yes, all Austin air purifiers have a sealed system and true HEPA filtration which will capture and hold mold spores. Most mold spores are larger than 3 microns though there are some that are as small as 1micron. Regardless, an Austin HEPA air purifier will trap 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. The Allergy Machine is more specialized in that instead of granulated activated carbon, the Allergy Machine uses a military grade carbon cloth that traps a wider range of chemical and gaseous irritants and pollutants. For simply mold spores, either model will work just as well.

Q3: I see that the Austin Air Allergy Machine is recommended for "Large one room environments where no mold is present". What do is meant by "no mold present"? The specs say the machine filters out mold. Thanks, Adrienne

A: That means no active mold colonies. Mold spores are all around us, in every room, every vehicle. With that being said, mold only grows and forms colonies when conditions are right. They need a cellulose based food source, moisture and warm temperatures. If you have a mold colony actively growing that means the conditions are conducive to their growth and trapping them in a HEPA filter will not eliminate the problem. You would need to remove excess moisture to stop the growth. Then the air purifier would work to capture and trap the spores. If the room is damp and warm and you have active growth you could also get active growth on the filter media. Though the media is most commonly a fiberglass type of material, contaminants it traps from the air can possibly become a food source for active mold growth. Then the problem is only compounding itself with possibly mold growth on the filter. This would also reduce the effectiveness of the filter more quickly. If you have no active mold growth in the room, then the filter simply traps and retains the spores until you dispose of it. With humidity generally less than 50%, it doesn't really matter where the mold spores are, they cannot grow, form colonies or produce the toxins that make people ill.

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Air Purifier Buying Resources
Austin Allergy Machine Reviews
Austin Air Allergy Machine

In addition to hospital grade HEPA filter media, the Austin Air Allergy Machine contains additional HEGA filtration. HEGA stands for High Efficiency Gas Absorption, and is a military technology often used in chem suits and other applications where more than protection against submicron particles is needed. The HEPA filtration captures particles like pollen, pet dander and mold spores while the HEGA filter traps other allergy and asthma triggers like chemicals found in cleaners, glues, new carpet, and fragrances. With two sizes and five colors options, there is an Allergy Machine perfect for any asthma or allergy sufferer.

What I like about the Austin Air Allergy Machine
  • Sturdy construction. With 22 gauge steel the housing is durable, efficient and will not off gas like plastic.
  • Casters, on the full size model. These allow the unit to be wheeled anywhere in the house (Allergy Machine Jr. model is small enough to be moved without the use of casters, though they are optional).
  • Filtration. The 4 stage filtration is capable of filtering out pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria & viruses, as well as chemicals, smoke and odor pollutants.
  • Easy maintenance. Vacuum the exterior of the Allergy Machine regularly and change the separate, large particle prefilter once per year. The large HEPA/HEGA filter needs to be replaced every 3-5 years making filter replacement costs much lower than comparable air purifiers.
  • Long filter life. 5 years for normal household use.
  • 5-year Manufacturer Warranty. The housing and motor are covered by a 5 year warranty while the filter is covered by a pro-rated 5 year warranty.

What I did not like about the Austin Air Allergy Machine

  • The machine is loud on high. This is a universal concern for almost all air purifiers on their highest settings. On low the decibel level is very low, and on the second setting the noise is about that off a low level white noise.
  • No automatic indicator for filter replacements. With few frills, the Austin Allergy Machine does not offer many of the additional electronic features that drives the price of other air purifiers up.

In summary, the Austin Allergy Machine is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers who have problems with not only things like pollen, pet dander, and dust mite allergen but also chemicals, smoke and fragrances. These solid, American made air purifiers will keep you reaction free and sleeping better without the hassle and cost of frequent filter replacement. And with several color options and two sizes, teh Austin Allergy Machine is a perfect fit in nearly any home.

Austin Air Allergy Machine Detailed Specifications

Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier Austin Air Allergy Machine Jr Air Purifier
Austin Air Allergy Machine Austin Air Allergy Machine Junior
Austin Air PurifierAustin Air Purifier ShippingDiscount Austin Air PurifiersAustin Air Purifier Onlinebest air purifier Austin Air PurifierAustin Air Purifier Shipping Discount Austin Air PurifiersAustin Air Purifier Onlinebest air purifier
Our Price: $574.99 Our Price: $394.99
Recommended For: Large one room environments where no mold is present One room environments where no mold is present
User Profile: Smokers, Allergy & Asthma Sufferers with MCS or problems with VOC's Smokers, Allergy & Asthma Sufferers with MCS or problems with VOC's
Maximum Room Size
2 air changes per hour
1500 sq. ft. 750 sq. ft.
4 air changes per hour 750 sq. ft. 375 sq. ft.
6 air changes per hour
500 sq. ft. 250 sq. ft.
Filter Description: Permafilt Pre-filter, HEGA Cloth, HEPA drum Permafilt Pre-filter, HEGA Cloth, HEPA drum
Prefilter: Built-in Foam Permafilt Pre-filter, Separate Large Particle Pre-filter Built-in Foam Permafilt Pre-filter, Separate Large Particle Pre-filter
Filter Guarantee: 5 year Pro-rated Guarantee 5 year Pro-rated Guarantee
HEPA Filter: Yes Yes
HEPA Media Size: 60 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth 30 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth
Carbon Filter: Activated Military Carbon Cloth Activated Military Carbon Cloth
UV Light: No No
Average Filter Life: 4 years 4 years
Air Intake: 360 degrees 360 degrees
Air Outflow: Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit
Ozone Emission: No No
Filter Change Indicator: No No
M.C.S.: Yes Yes
Smoke Removal: Yes, excellent Yes, excellent
Mold Removal: Yes Yes
Odor Control: Yes Yes
Dust Removal: Yes Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: Yes Yes
Second Hand Smoke Removal: Yes Yes
Power Cord Length: 5 feet 5 feet
Dimensions: 23"H x 14.5" x 14.5" 16"H x 11"W x 11"D
Shipping Weight: 39 lbs. 16 lbs.
Weight: 35 lbs 12 lbs
Housing: 22 gauge steel 22 gauge steel
Noise Level: High 66 dba
Medium 55 dba
Low 50 dba
High 66 dba
Medium 55 dba
Low 50 dba
Wheels / Casters: Yes Optional
Power Consumption: High 115 watts
Medium 83 watts
Low 56 watts
High 66 watts
Medium 55 watts
Low 50 watts
CFM of Fan Speeds: High 400 cfm
Medium 200 cfm
Low 75 cfm
High 200 cfm
Medium 100 cfm
Low 50 cfm
Warranty: 5 years part and labor 5 years part and labor

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Warranty Information

Five year warranty on parts and labor. Five year pro-rated filter guarantee.

Most Popular Austin Allergy Machine Colors

Austin Air Allergy Machine Sandstone
Austin Air Allergy Machine Black
Austin Air Allergy Machine Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
Austin Air Allergy Machine Silver
Austin Air Allergy Machine White


Allergy Machine - Sandstone (Item#: AU06SN) $574.99
Allergy Machine - Black (Item#: AU06BK) $574.99
Allergy Machine - Silver (Item#: AU06SL) $574.99
Allergy Machine - Midnight Blue (Item#: AU06MB) $574.99
Allergy Machine - White (Item#: AU06WH) $574.99
Allergy Machine Jr. - Sandstone (Item#: AU03SN) $394.99
Allergy Machine Jr. - Black (Item#: AU03BK) $394.99
Allergy Machine Jr. - Silver (Item#: AU03SL) $394.99
Allergy Machine Jr. - Midnight Blue (Item#: AU03MB) $394.99
Allergy Machine Jr. - White (Item#: AU03WH) $394.99

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