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Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier

If you like the durability and performance of the Austin Healthmate air purifier, but you need a filter capable of tackling fumes, smoke, chemicals and gas contaminants, then the Austin Healthmate Plus is the best air purifier for you. This air purifier features a "superblend" of carbon, zeolite and potassium iodide that makes it a more powerful air cleaner.  Designed for safe, quiet, continuous operation, this superblend of activated carbon provides enhanced removal of VOCs, formaldehyde, ammonia, odors, and toxic chemical fumes. Ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, the Austin Air Healthmate Each Austin HealthMate Plus is Made in the USA Plus air purifier offers improved respiratory health for anyone by providing some of the most comprehensive air filtration available today. Extremely easy to use, the HealthMate Plus offers plug-and-go convenience and a simple to replace combination filter drum. The Healthmate Plus Jr. (200) is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the full size (400) Healthmate Plus.

*NOTE: The large particle pre-filter for all Austin Air air purifiers is the same. Just choose the correct size (full size or Jr.) and color (black or white).

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Video

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier Product Features

  • Medical-grade HEPA Filter for removal of 99.97% of particulate pollutants 0.3 microns or larger and 95% of particles 0.1 microns or larger.
  • An Activated Carbon / Zeolite filter impregnated with potassium iodide removes and oxidizes VOCs, formaldehyde, ammonia, toxic chemical fumes, smoke, and odors.
  • Built-in prefilter significantly extends the life of the HEPA filter.
  • Plastics on many air purifiers emit gases and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. Austin Air purifiers feature solid steel construction, which means they will not off-gas chemicals, and they are sturdy and built to last for years.
  • Non-toxic powder coat finish
  • Specially engineered 360° Air Intake for maximum air flow
  • Three to five year filter life coupled with an all-in-one filter design equals low filter replacement costs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient PSC motor
  • Casters for easy moving (optional on the Healthmate Plus Jr.)
  • Five-year pro-rated filter guarantee
  • Effective for areas up to 750 square feet (for the Healthmate Plus) or 375 square feet (for the Healthmate Plus Jr.)
  • Made in the USA

Austin Air Plus - A Closer Look

Austin Air Healthmate+ Fan and Motor Assembly Austin Air Healthmate Plus Fan and Motor Assembly

Austin Air has manufactured the Healthmate for nearly 20 years. The simple, economical design of the unit makes it an attractive, long term value. Air is drawn through the unit with a powerful PSC motor through 15 lbs. of activated carbon / zeolite (impregnated with potassium iodide) and 60 sq. ft. of HEPA cloth. The unit only uses 100 watts of power on its highest setting, not much more than a light bulb.
Austin Air's Construction and Engineering Cutaway of Austin Air's Construction and Engineering

Austin Air cleaners are not made of any plastic parts. Plastics off gas and cause problems for the chemically sensitive. That's why Austin Air cleaners have all steel construction. The sturdy steel construction of every Austin Air product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years.

Austin Air's high efficiency PSC motor draws minimal current. Even on the highest setting, it will cost only a penny an hour.
Austin Air Healthmate+ Filter Assembly Austin Air Healthmate Plus Filter Assembly

The pre-filter will capture visible dust and hair, and the exterior should be vacuumed monthly (no disassembly required).

The built-in Permafilt pre-filter then traps medium sized particles such as pollen and mold spores. The carbon / zeolite / potassium iodide mixture and medical grade HEPA cloth combine to create a filter that is almost 4 inches thick. This greatly extends the filter life. Austin guarantees this filter on a pro-rated basis for 5 years. We recommend leaving the unit on all the time, even turning it on its highest setting when you are not in the room. With constant use, we recommend changing the filter after 3 years.
Austin Air Healthmate+ 3-Stage HEPA Filtration Austin Air Healthmate Plus 3-Stage Filter

1) Permafilt Pre-filter
2) Carbon / Zeolite (Potassium Iodide) Filter
3) Surgical HEPA Cloth

With the additional large particle pre-filter, the Austin Healthmate provides 4 stages of air filtration that rivals that of any air purifier on the market.
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Product Reviews & Questions

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  austin plus
Reviewed by: MCS disability from NE

The air purifier works very well on pollen. It works well on smells such as acetone, and perfumes. it doesn't completely clear them up, but works better than anything else I've tried over the years. On low it is hard to hear it, but on high it makes a pleasing white noise that I've found helps me sleep. I'm not looking forward to spending over $300 to replace the filter in three to five years, but I think it's going to be worth it. I have a large dog that sheds a lot so I think it will be closer to three years than five.
  Great product
Reviewed by: MCS sufferer  from Michigan

No assembly, easy to use, cleans the air well. Simple as that.
  AAA Air cleaner
Reviewed by: Faithful Austin Air customer from East Tennessee

This is our sixth Austin Air cleaner over many, many years. I've reviewed the others and this is still the best for us.

Customer Q & A

Q1: Do the Austin's emit ozone? Thanks.
A: Nothing measurable. The thing to remember with ozone is that any and all electronic devices emit some amount of ozone. Most is often so low it cannot be detected. When it comes to traditional air purifiers, the only ones that will really get close to creating detectable amounts or crossing that line into unsafe levels are ones with ionizers. Even then, many are now designed to emit no detectable levels, but with traditional style air purifiers motor, fan, HEPA/particle filter, and carbon, it's rare to find one that emits detectable levels of ozone. Hope that helps!

Q2: How thick is the carbon filter bed on this and jr.? Thanks
A: About two inches thick on the full size HealthMate and about an inch for the Jr.

Q3: re this statement from your site: Effective for areas up to 750 square feet for the Healthmate Plus or 375 square feet for the Healthmate Plus Jr. In the FAQ on the site, it says the healthmate plus cleans 1500 sq ft and the jr 750 sq ft in a room with 8 ft ceilings. Obviously, your figures are half their figures. Have you found their figures to be optimistic? I am curious to know how you arrived at your estimate as it is quite different from the manufacturer. Thank you!

A: Figures vary based on how many air exchanges per hour you are wanting. The standard recommendations are 4 or 6 per hour, meaning the air purifier cycles through the entire volume of air in the space 4 or 6 times each hour. Now, manufacturers can inflate their coverage area by lowering the target ACH air exchanges per hour. If you go to Blueair's site, you'll see they post figures for 5 air exchanges per hour, so if someone isn't reading closely, they may think that on their face, these units cover larger areas than other brands, but if you're comparing 5 ACH to 6 ACH, the comparison isn't accurate. We standardize all coverage areas for our air purifiers to six, four and two air exchanges per hour. While four is what we recommend as a minimum, there's no solid consensus on the matter. For some people four is fine, for others six is what they want, and others still can get by with just two. Regardless, if you're looking at the spec chart on any air purifier product page, you should see coverage areas listed for each of those three. On our HealthMate Plus page, we do list 1500 sq. ft. of coverage for this model, but that is at only 2 air exchanges per hour. 750 sq. ft. for 4 exchanges per hour and 500 sq. ft. for 6. Hope that helps!

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Austin HealthMate Plus Air Purifier Reviews

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier

The Austin Healthmate Plus averted a family crisis. My husband smokes cigars "outside only" and test the motors of several types of lawn equipment and marine vehicles in this same area. Though "outside", the fumes and dust from these activities are drafted into the house when doors are opened and closed.

We decided to try an air purifier in the ground level room nearest the problem area. The Austin Healthmate Plus seemed like a good choice since we were dealing with more than just particles, allergens or smoke. The Healthmate 400 was recommended for the room size we were in, and the filter type would trap not only allergens and particle pollutants but also odors, chemicals, and smoke. I also liked that black was a color choice and this unit has wheels for easy movement around the room.

We turn the machine to high whenever needed, and I do not smell the offensive odors when I walk in the door upstairs. This product handled a tough situation very well so I feel good about its effectiveness in less trying conditions.

What I like about the Austin Air Healthmate Plus
  • Sturdy construction, the all steel housing is rugged and won't break or off-gas like plastic.
  • The Superblend filter is capable of reducing a broad range of particulates, gases, smoke and chemicals from the air. Two prefilters trap large particles like lint and pet hair while 60 sq. ft. of medical grade HEPA filter media scrubs out submicron particles and allergens. And 15 lbs. of a carbon / zeolite / potassium idodide blend complete this four stage filtration by actually breaking down (oxidizing) chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde as well as smoke and odors.
  • Easy maintenance. Filters last literally years longer than other popular air purifiers and the separate prefilter needs to be replace only once per year. Aside from this, simply vacuum the outside area of the unit and let the Healthmate Plus do all the work.
  • Long filter life. Most of the air purifiers you find on the market today generally call for a filter replacement every 3 - 6 months. The Superblend filter in the Austin Plus averages about 4 years of life before it needs to be replaced, substantially reducing your maintenance costs.
  • You can pick from five different color choices.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on the air purifier itself and a pro-rated 5 year warranty on the filter.
  • It's American made!

What I didn't like the Austin Air Healthmate Plus

  • The machine is loud on high. Not a problem for this application but could be in some situations. In reality, the decibal level for most air purifiers, on their respective highest settings, is rather loud. The noise the Austin makes is similar to most and generally not as loud as a box fan on high.
  • No automated indicator for filter replacement. All Austin air purifiers sold by come with a filter replacement sticker which can be applied anywhere on the air purifier. On it is the date of purchase and the interval at which the filters should be replaced.

In summary, I give the Austin Healthmate Plus 5 stars. It performs very well in a very difficult situations. Regardless of the contaminants the Healthmate Plus is capable of filtering them and providing fresh, clean air. The overall cost to maintain combined with a reasonable initial cost makes Austin air purifiers some of the most popular available today. Austin Air has a long tradition of excellence, and the Healthmate is just one example of a durable, quality product without the expense of gimmicks or gadgets.

The Healthmate Plus Jr. is the essentially the same great product as the standard Healthmate Plus, simply in a smaller package. The size is smaller though the air cleaning capacity is ideal for most bedrooms and living spaces. Though the quantities of filter media are less, the engineering behind it and filtration quality are the same. With a lower price point, the Healthmate Plus Jr. has long been a trusted alternative as an air purifier from smaller areas.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Specifications

  Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr. Air Purifier
Austin Air Healthmate Plus
Air Purifier
Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr.
Air Purifier
Austin Healthmate Superblend Air PurifierAustin AirDiscount Austin Air PurifiersBuy Austin Air PurifiersAustin Air Healthmate Plus Austin Healthmate Superblend Air PurifierAustin AirDiscount Austin Air PurifiersBuy Austin Air PurifiersAustin Air Healthmate Plus Jr.
Our Price:
Our Price:
Recommended For: Rooms with heavy smoke, odors, or chemicals Rooms with heavy smoke, odors, or chemicals
Maximum Room Size
2 air changes per hour
1500 sq. ft. 750 sq. ft.
4 air changes per hour 750 sq. ft. 375 sq. ft.
6 air changes per hour
500 sq. ft. 250 sq. ft.
Filter Description: Permafilt Pre-filter, Carbon / Zeolite / potassium iodide HEPA filter drum Permafilt Pre-filter, Carbon / Zeolite / potassium iodide HEPA filter drum
Pre-filter: Built-in Foam Permafilt Pre-filter & separate large particle pre-filter Built-in Foam Permafilt Pre-filter & separate large particle pre-filter
HEPA Filter: Yes Yes
HEPA Media & Size: 60 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth 30 sq. ft. True Surgical Medical HEPA cloth
Carbon Filter: 15 lbs. granulated carbon / zeolite / potassium iodide mixture 6.5 lbs. granulated carbon / zeolite / potassium iodide mixture
UV Light: No No
Average Filter Life: 4+ years 4+ years
Air Intake: 360 degrees 360 degrees
Air Outflow: Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit Directed Register, Top Right Side of Unit
Ozone Emission: No No
Filter Change Indicator Sensors: No No
M.C.S.: Yes Yes
Smoke Removal: Yes Yes
Mold Removal: Yes Yes
Odor Control: Yes Yes
Dust Removal: Yes Yes
Formaldehyde Removal: Yes Yes
Second Hand Smoke Removal: Yes Yes
Power Cord Length: 5 feet 5 feet
Dimensions: 23"H x 14.5" x 14.5" 16.5"H x 11" x 11"
Shipping Weight: 54 lbs. 23 lbs.
Weight: 46 lbs. 18 lbs.
Housing: 22 gauge steel 22 gauge steel
Noise Level: High 66 dba
Medium 55 dba
Low 50 dba
High 65 dba
Medium 60 dba
Low 49 dba
Wheels / Casters: Yes Optional
Power Consumption: High 115 watts
Medium 83 watts
Low 56 watts
High 66 watts
Medium 55 watts
Low 50 watts
Fan Speeds: 3 3
CFM of Fan Speeds: High 400 CFM
Medium 200 CFM
Low 75 CFM
High 200 CFM
Medium 100 CFM
Low 50 CFM
Warranty: 5 years parts and labor (mechanical) / 5 years pro-rated (filter) 5 years parts and labor (mechanical) / 5 years pro-rated (filter)

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Austin Air Healthmate Plus Warranty Information

Five year warranty on parts and labor. Five year pro-rated filter guarantee.

Most Popular Austin HealthMate Plus Colors

Austin HealthMate Plus Sandstone
Austin HealthMate Plus Black
Austin HealthMate Plus Silver
Austin HealthMate Plus Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
Austin HealthMate Plus White

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Availability

Austin Healthmate Plus - Sandstone (Item#: AU05SN) $648.99
Austin Healthmate Plus - Black (Item#: AU05BK) $648.99
Austin Healthmate Plus - White (Item#: AU05WH) $648.99
Austin Healthmate Plus - Silver (Item#: AU05SL) $648.99
Austin Healthmate Plus - Midnight Blue (Item#: AU05MB) $648.99
Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. - Sandstone (Item#: AU02SN) $418.99
Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. - Black (Item#: AU02BK) $418.99
Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. - White (Item#: AU02WH) $418.99
Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. - Silver (Item#: AU02SL) $418.99
Austin Healthmate Plus Jr. - Midnight Blue (Item#: AU02MB) $418.99

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