Gonzo Basement and Garage Odor Eliminator

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Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator
Item#: GZ0003
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Gonzo Basement and Garage Odor Eliminator

Basement Odor Eliminator is Made in the USAThe Gonzo Odor Eliminator for Basements and Garages is the best way to keep musty areas smelling fresh.  It eliminates odors without perfumes or cover-ups, using non-toxic and environmentally safe volcanic minerals.  These minerals have a negative charge, allowing them to attract positively charged odors and trap them for good.  Contained in a net bag, the minerals act like a magnet, drawing in unpleasant odors and removing them from the air. 

The Gonzo Odor Eliminator for Basements and Garages can be used for a number of applications.  Use it to eliminate pet odors; airborne bacterial odors; smoke odors from cigarettes, fireplaces, and chimneys; odors caused by trash, lawn mowers, and gardening supplies; musty odors from mold and mildew; and any unpleasant smells found in basement and garage areas.

To use, simply place the net bag in any area containing odors. One 2 lb. bag is effective for an area of up to 600 square feet.

Product Reviews and Questions

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  eliminate odor
Reviewed by: satisfied customer from Sheboygan, WI

We have purchased the Gonzo Basement odor eliminator stones a few times now. We are happy to report that they work quite well. Unfortunately after our first purchase we did not realize we can refresh them by setting them out in the sunlight. We are now doing that to extend the life of the rocks.
  odor free basement
Reviewed by: Damp basement problem from Kansas,Mayetta

i have a 1400 plus sq. foot basement..by placing 5 of these odor eliminator bags,the basement does not smell damp or smelly now..
  Odor Eliminator
Reviewed by:  from St Paul, Minnesota

I highly recommend this to everyone, especially those with allergies. It's amazing how this mineral just eliminates damp musty odors! Love It! Thank You. M Moen

Customer Q & A

Q1: Can the gonzo bags be separated out to make smaller bags for smaller spaces? If so what material should the bag be made of.

A: A synthetic material would be best. Have you ever seen those cheap, little beach sets for kids? They usually include a pail, plastic shovel and plastic rake. Many times they are in a synthetic netting. Something akin to that would be best, but provided the net/mesh is coarse enough for air to circulate through, a natural fiber would be fine. Hope that helps!

Q2: What feedback do you have on fireplace odors.

A: These will help with smoke. They used to make Smoke Odor Eliminators, but have since ped that product b/c of low demand. In general though, Smoke, Basement, Pet... all the same thing. The only difference is the packaging. They do help with smoke, but with smoke in particular, if the concentrations are high enough it takes several of these to make a difference. For fireplace odors, a small air purifier with carbon might be your best bet. Even a Honeywell, which doesn't pack granulated carbon which is best for removing odors and smoke, would help 50150 or 50250 provided you replace the prefilter on schedule. The prefilter in those units has some carbon that for light to medium odors, it does work pretty well. Hope that helps.

Q3: I have the lava rocks and love them. I put them outside in the sun and asked my husband to bring them in since i had to go out of town. It rained on them for two days, will this effect them at all.

A: You may notice a slight decrease in their performance for a while, but if thoroughly dried, they should bounce back to absorb odors as they did before. Additionally, certain types of lava rock are used in water filtration. Though not ideal for this use, they do work. So, like activated carbon, whether used to filter liquids or molecules in the air, they are effective.

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Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator

Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator

Living with two cats means my wife and I have to maintain their sewer system, the kitty litter box. We have experimented putting it in many places in our house trying to overcome the unpleasant visual and effluvial odors that are associated with it. Currently our latest solution has the litter box in a closet in our downstairs playroom area. This closet is not vented and it is dark, and because of that it smells. My wife had heard about this product researching solutions for kitty litter odor problems.

At a glance, the Gonzo Odor Bag looks like nothing more than a sack full of porous rocks. That is what it is. It's the nature of the rocks that make it effective, they are volcanic rocks with an immeasurable number of visible pores. It's these visible pores that make the Basement Odor Eliminator work.

We followed instructions and hung the bag in the closet above the litter box. Simply put, it worked. We came back to the area the next morning and noticed a distinguishable difference, the odor had vanished and the small area seemed cleaner.

We were curious about the life of the product, the instructions state to recharge / rejuvenate the lava rock, take the bag and set it out in the sun every 6 months or once you start noticing odors again. We plan on doing just that.

Until then, we have solved a problem that we struggled with for a long time. We even considered putting an air purifier in the closet but because there was no electrical receptacle and because the room was so small we could not figure out a way to make that work. This solution is as effective, and much more cost effective than an air purifier.

We are very happy with this product and have no reservations about recommending it to others. My only concern is with its effectiveness in a larger size room. We are using the product in a walk-in pantry or closet.


Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator (Item#: GZ0003) $9.99

Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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