Allergy Relief Blankets
For maximum protection from dust mites, you need a blanket that can withstand frequent washing and drying. The Vellux blanket is not only durable, but also inexpensive, versatile, lightweight, and warm. Soft as cashmere, the Allergy Armor fleece blanket is known for its durability. It features an antimicrobial finish to guard against bacteria and mold growth. If you are sensitive to synthetic chemicals, you will love our Allergy Armor organic cotton blanket. It's free of pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals.

       Allergy Relief Blankets
Allergy Armor Microfiber Fleece Blankets Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets - Crepe Weave Allergy Armor Organic Cotton Blankets - Waffle Weave
Allergy Armor Blankets
$29.99 - $119.95
Organic Cotton - Crepe
$59.99 - $129.99
Organic Cotton - Waffle
Vellux Hypoallergenic Blankets Mulberry West Silk Blankets Moonlight Slumber Organic Crib Blankets
Vellux Blankets
$30.99 - $50.99
Mulberry West Silk Blankets
$239.00 - $269.00
Organic Crib Blankets
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Why should I buy an Allergy Armor blanket?

We designed the Allergy Armor fleece blanket specifically for allergy sufferers. It has a lifetime warranty and will stand up to frequent washing, which is necessary for eliminating dust mites. The blanket also features an antimicrobial finish to prevent the growth of microbes like mold and bacteria. The microfiber fleece is very soft and warm, yet lightweight and breathable. Plus, the Allergy Armor blanket is six inches longer than standard blankets for better coverage.

Why should I buy a Vellux blanket?

An all-time favorite among hotel managers and allergy sufferers alike is the soft yet durable Vellux blanket. Vellux blankets will not lose their velvety softness no matter how many times you wash them. In fact, the more you wash them, the softer they get. The Vellux blanket is made with millions of polyester surface fibers and two layers of insulating polyurethane. Lightweight, comfortable, and warm, it is the perfect year-round blanket.

Why should I buy a certified organic blanket?

Standard farming techniques often rely on toxic chemicals that end up in the final product and pollute the environment, but USDA certified organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Breathe easier knowing that your blanket is all natural and non-toxic. Protect yourself and your environment by choosing a certified organic cotton blanket Not only do you support sustainable agriculture with this blanket but you also support American farmers and manufacturers.

What makes Mulberry West special?

Mulberry West are silk filled blankets that provide not only warmth but soft, luxurious, and naturally repels dust mites and bed bugs. With satin trim and boxed construction, these blankets are a great addition to any bedding set.

Regardless of the blanket you choose, each offers a warm and soft feel, while working to reduce allergen exposure and keeping you comfortable all year round.

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