Big Savings on the SinuPulse Elite

SinuPulse EliteDo not miss this short opportunity to save some money on one of our most effective products, the SinuPulse Elite. The SinuPulse is currently on sale and you can take advantage of our 'Tis the Season Holiday sale to grab one of these nasal irrigators at an even lower price!

_Nasal irrigation with saline removes bacterial and fungal toxins (the primary causes of sinus infections), as well as the mucus that retains these toxins. The calibrated pulsating action of the SinuPulse not only removes toxins and mucus, but it also stimulates the body's own natural defense systems. Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the SinuPulse Elite nasal irrigation system is just as reliable and accurate as a Swiss watch.

_It is the only pulsating nasal irrigation system designed by experts to deliver both a thorough cleansing rinse and a mist spray for doctor recommended rinsing and moisturizing. The SinuPulse helps moisturize dry sinuses, relieve pain and pressure caused by congestion, and prevent sinus infections. This unit is recommended by leading healthcare professionals. It's very easy to use, and it provides natural relief of allergy and sinus symptoms in just minutes.


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