Reducing Exposure to Vehicle Emissions

Reduce Exposure to EmissionsWhile the political debate over whether emissions regulations are too onerous on manufacturers, evidence linking increased exposure to emissions and asthma and lung damage continues to pile up. From decreased lung development to increased rates of asthma, studies published in the last decade demonstrate a link between emissions and respiratory troubles with some regularity. So what can you do to reduce expsoure, particularly in areas where traffic congestion is at its worst?

_Face masks have become a popular choice for those spending time outdoors in urban areas. Specific brands, like Respro, have built most of their business around serving the filtration needs of those concerned with air pollution, while working or playing outdoors. Activated carbon, combined with particle filter media collect emissions particles as well as pollen and dust, to protect the lungs from the effects of repeated exposure.

_We have seen strong interest in compact and portable purifiers, like the Roomaid and others. They're typically inexpensive, lightweight and very compact. While the Roomaid can sit in your car, other models are also small enough to take with you when you travel. Even though compact air purifiers rarely offer as comprehensive filtration as full size models, they do reduce harmful air pollutants no matter where you go.

_Though studies reaching back nearly a decade show clear links between emissions exposure and asthma rates, the debate over vehicle emissions and regulation is one that will not be going away soon. Public policy is rarely shaped by health considerations alone, but those living near traffic congestion or suffering from asthma cannot afford to wait for legislatures to pick up the banner of cleaner air. By limiting your time outdoors, avoiding time outside when traffic pollution is at it's worst (during the rush hours), and taking steps to filter the air that you breathe in your car or home, you make huge strides in reducing your exposure to emissions pollution.

_Author: Kevin Gilmore

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