Searching for a Local Allergist?

We often get questions from allergy sufferers who are looking for allergists or immunologists in their specific city or state. While we do partner with many different allergists throughout the country (you may have come across our catalogs or single sheet flyers), we do not necessarily have a comprehensive listing of all the allergists or immunologists who are out there. If you are looking for someone local to help you with your allergies, we do recommend a place where you can quickly and simply search for one.

_Our friends over at the AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) have put together a database of board certified allergists and immunologists.

Search for Local Board Certified Allergists

_Simply enter your zip code or city/state and to search. What you will get is a list of local allergist and immunologist in within the range of the area you specified.

See List of Local Allergists

_You can then click on each listing to see more information about the allergist you've selected such as what type of practice they offer, where they received their training, what types of patients they see, if they are conversant in Spanish, and location/contact information. If you have health insurance, you can cross reference these care providers with your approved list.

_It is always helpful to ask friends and family, and social networks are an easy way to ask many of your friends and family quickly if they have any experience with the local allergist you are considering.

_Author: Kevin Gilmore

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