Swine Flu Increases Demand for Masks

Aero mask

During the past two weeks, our customer service representatives have been bombarded by callers who have questions about whether or not a protective mask will protect them against Swine Flu. The flu scare has increased demand for face masks and respirators all over the United States (Check out this article by a writer for the Chicago Tribune.)

_To provide information to people and to answer some questions about their masks, Respro, one of our partners in the battle against allergens, has issued a press release and posted it to their web site. The company talks mainly about prevention and they describe a couple of characteristics that are essential for a mask to be effective. Respro also provides some technical information on masks that protect against mold, hydrocarbons, Avian Flu, pollen, and other airborne particles.

_We have an entire section of information and choices for someone in need of a protective mask. Check out these masks that we still have available.


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