Friedrich Kuhl in Consumer Reports

Friedrich Kuhl Air Conditioner
Yesterday, on their Home and Garden blog, Consumer Reports reviewed a brand new line of window air conditioners from Friedrich. The Friedrich Kuhl line of air conditioners have a sleek, new design with many great features that appeal to anyone who needs help cooling their home this summer. According to the article, five of the Friedrich models currently rated are strong performers. Two of the models are recommended to consumers, and one Kuhl tops the 7,000 to 8,200 BTU category.

_We are currently carrying the Friedrich Kuhl SS10M10 which is the 9,500 BTU unit. This air conditioner is an ultra premium, programmable unit that is Energy Star qualified. It is designed with commercial grade durability for home or commercial use. With a host of easy-to-use features and simple installation options, the Kuhl SS10M10 provides comfortable and quick cooling for spaces sized up to 400 square feet.

_For more information, check out the Home and Garden blog about the Friedrich Kuhl by Consumer Reports.

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