Introducing the Miele Active AirClean Filter

Miele Active AirClean FilterMiele makes one of the best canister vacuums for asthma and allergy sufferers in the United States, but they are not content to rest on their success. Recently, the company released a new filter that you can use in your Miele vacuum cleaner.

The Miele Active AirClean filter is a combination of the Miele Super Air Clean filter and a cartridge of Active Charcoal which absorbs odors from the dustbag. Though not as effective with particle filtration as the Miele HEPA filter, this filter combination helps with odors while trapping 99.5% of all particles .5 microns and larger. It fits all Miele S4, S5, and S7 vacuum cleaners. The Miele part number is SF-AAC 50 with no clip.

The Miele Active AirClean filter with clip fits all S2 and S7 Miele vacuum cleaners. The Miele part number is SF-AAC 30 with clip.

To keep your vacuum operating efficiently and effectively, Miele vacuum cleaner filters should be replaced annually, or after about 50 hours of use. The replacement time often depends on the amount of time spent vacuuming and the amount of dust in your home. A good rule of thumb is to replace when you start noticing odor from the filter.

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