Can Asthma Medication Cause Death?

Advair, the world's best-selling asthma medication packaged in that little purple puck, apparently does more harm than good for many asthma patients. Shelley Salpeter, a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University, says, ‘[Advair and Servent] make asthma worse . . . If we got these drugs off the market, we could prevent 4,000 deaths a year.’

Read the Forbes article ‘Trouble Breathing’ for more information about the possible dangers of asthma medication and the pending lawsuits against Advair's maker, GlaxoSmithkline.

Today many drug companies are spending more money on medical marketing and less money on medical research, so it is vital that you educate yourself and learn how to prevent and control diseases without absolute reliance on prescription medication. Learn more about controlling allergies and asthma using environmental control products at achoo! ALLERGY's Knowledge Base.

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