Fighting Allergies with Food: Allergy Salad

Yesterday, in quick succession, I explored, joined, and became addicted to Pinterest, a ‘virtual pinboard,’ which lets users ‘organize and share all the beautiful things [they] find on the web.’

This morning I did a search for the term allergy and came up with this page, which holds, in pictures, people’s thoughts on, and sometimes remedies for, allergies. This gorgeous salad caught my eye:

Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

What does it have to do with allergies, you ask? As Chiot’s Run describes, this salad contains many ingredients that are thought to help with allergies, as discussed in How to Treat Allergies with Herbs, Foods, and Supplements. This salad includes local pollen (from the flowers), local honey, the quercitin in the chives and garlic, and the vitamin C from the violets and the grapefruit.

What a delicious – and beautiful – way to take some sniffles out of your day!

Read more about food and allergies here:
Food that Aggravate Allergies and Foods that Fight Allergies

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