Anaphylaxis Hits Close To Home


It's not uncommon for any us to go out for dinner at a local restaurant, and on occasion receiving a mixed up or incorrect order is rarely more than a minor inconvenience. Though for individuals with severe food allergies, this minor irritation can quickly become something much more serious.

A Hampton, GA man was having dinner just south of Atlanta, Sunday evening, when a mixed up order resulted in the customer being served a dish with crab meat. Being severely allergic to shellfish, the customer went into anaphylactic shock and tragically, died a short time later.
Anaphylaxis can be avoided and does not have to result in such tragic circumstances. For people with severe food allergies, it would be helpful to carry Food Allergy Restaurant Cards. While YOU know what you are allergic to, those preparing and serving your meals do not. These small cards let your preparer and servers know which ingredients and foods need to be avoided for your protection. In more severe cases your doctor may prescribe an EpiPen

One thought on “Anaphylaxis Hits Close To Home

  1. daniellekurtz August 7, 2008 / 10:23 am

    I find this story heart breaking. Because of stories like these I am continuing my fight to make preschools peanut, nut, and seafood free. I've recently had to take my children out of a preschool because they felt that it was more important to allow vegan's their diet. Severe food allergies are not a life choice, and must be taken very seriously.

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