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From time to time, a customer may call in here at AchooAllergy and actually get to speak with me (a real treat, I know!). This does not happen too often as I will be the first to admit, I'm not a saleperson, and the phones are generally something I try to avoid. Technical questions, specifics, pros and cons of products? That's my realm. Though, when I have taken calls from customers, I do find that it is generally easy for me to talk about our products (both negatives and postives) largely because I believe in those products and their ability to help people feel better and breathe easier.

_HEPA Air Purifiers at WorkWhen new products arrive I often take them home and test them. We at Achoo believe that any true test of a product doesn't come in a lab, but in your home or office where the product will actually be used. In addition to product testing, we also use many of the products we offer right here in our offices. From air purifiers to vacuums, we trust in and use the same brands you find on our site, and a quick walk through our office proves it.

_Most of the Allergy Armor bedding products you enjoy are made right here in our Atlanta facility. With all the daily cutting and sewing going on you might be surprised how much dust an operation like this can produce. Visible dust and bedding fibers are the biggest culprit, and to combat these we like Blueair air purifiers. While other brands can offer better filtration of microscopic particles (IQAir), Blueair fits the bill for three reasons. No one suffers from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities, Miele Jasper S6 so microparticle filtration and high amounts of specialized carbon are not really needed for this use. Second, the Blueair units move large amounts of air, which is great for this space. Lastly, all models are Energy Star compliant, which is important since they run 24/7 and we try, as a company, to reduce our emissions and limit our carbon footprint.

_For the floors, we use a Miele Jasper. You might not be familiar with the Jasper, as it is only available in stores (including our lovely showroom in Atlanta). The Jasper is lightweight, has a sealed system and powerful suction to remove fibers and dust bunnies that can quickly accumulate in that space. Plus, it keeps chugging along even after you completely fill the bag, though I don't recommend doing this! The Jasper is similar to the Red Velvet (sans the velvety goodness).Miele FJM Bag & HEPA Filter - Used and Abused

_Throughout our offices you'll find other HEPA air purifiers in use. Due to their very long filter life, ease of use and ability to take a good ding from time to time, Austin Air units are the most commonly found. They not only keep down dust, but they also came in handy during the multiple renovation projects we've undertaken here.

_While some simply sell you products, we use what we offer and stand behind what we sell. If we wouldn't use it here, how could we ever expect you to use it in your home or office?

_Author: Kevin Gilmore

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