Popular Allergy Drug Clarinex Now Available as Generic

Mylan to Offer Generic Version of ClarinexThe popular allergy relief drug, Clarinex, will soon be available in a generic form. The active ingredient in Clarinex, desloratadine, has received FDA approval and is now offered in 5mg doses under the Mylan Pharmaceuticals label.

_Desloratadine is an antihistimine prescribed to allergy sufferers to relief runny nose, red, itchy and tearing eyes as well as other hay fever and allergic rhinitis symptoms. Currently, desloratadine is only available as Clarinex, but with the introduction of this new generic, allergy sufferers will soon have a less expensive alternative to turn to when seeking allergy relief medication.

_Clarinex, available as a tablet and oral solution, has been prescribed to millions of allergy sufferers worldwide, with sales reaching nearly $200,000,000 last year.

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