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Reliable Enviromate Premium Steam Cleaners $100 Discount
Reliable Enviromate EV1 Tandem Steam Cleaner Now $100 Off with Free EMC2 System UpgradeApparently Reliable thinks that this summer is the year you finally make the decision for a healthier home and a greener way to clean by purchasing a Reliable steam cleaner. As if the $100 discount on Reliable Enviromate premium steam cleaners wasn't enough incentive, they are now adding in their patented EMC2 system for free with Tandem and E40 steam cleaner models.

Reliable manufacturers a wide range of steam cleaners, from the economical to some of the most versatile steam cleaners available. Steam cleaning is a relatively newer way to clean here in the U.S., but its benefits are hard to overstate, particularly for those who have allergies, asthma, MCS or are sensitive to the harsh odors and residues left from traditional chlorine or ammonia-based Reliable EV1 Steam Cleaner Sale - Steam Cleaner & HEPA Vacuum All-in-One home cleaners. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, steam cleaners offer you the ability to completely rethink the way you clean. No longer do you simply clean so your home appears clean, Reliable steam cleaners give you the ability actually improve the health of your home, safely, effectively and without the problems associated with introducing more and more chemicals into your home environment.

Using simple tap water that has been heated under pressure to create powerful, clean vapor steam, steam cleaners use the process of heat transfer to deep clean and sanitize surfaces, killing germs, viruses and bacteria while loosening heavy solid and ground in debris. Steam cleaners can also unlock trapped odors molecules and chemical residue that fill the pores of even hard surfaces. Reliable steam cleaners to do all this without the use of harsh chemicals.

Two of the three models now on sale will also come equipped with the Reliable EMC2 system for free. This patented system softens hard tap water without the use of sodium, which over time can damage the water tanks and heating elements of a steam cleaner. Instead, this process breaks apart and crystallizes mineral Reliable Enviromate E40 Steam Cleaners Sale - Now $100 Off with Free EMC2 System Upgradecontent into smaller pieces that won't settle in the bottom of the tank or form scale inside the steam creating system. This means no residue in your tank or on the surfaces you clean!

Clean better. Clean and sanitize for a home that not only looks clean but truly is cleaner and healthy. Take advantage of this limited time offer and purchase the premium Reliable E40 GO steam cleaner or the dual use, steam cleaner and HEPA vacuum in one, Reliable EV1 Tandem.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, June 26, 2014
Discount Reliable Steam CleanersA Reliable steam cleaner is safe and effective way to deep clean and sanitize your floors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces without using harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach. As a healthier way to clean, steam cleaners can kill bacteria and germs while unlocking trapped odors in even the hardest of surfaces, and now for a limited time, Reliable is offering $100 off three of their best vapor steam cleaners!

Reliable E20 GO Steam Cleaner On SaleIf you're looking for a consistent way to sanitize, then the Reliable E20 GO steam cleaner might be the right fit. This canister-style steam cleaner heats ordinary tap water to over 320° to produce low moisture steam, ideal for deep cleaning without leaving behind a lot of moisture residue. An array of included accessories gives you the tools to clean surfaces like your countertops, appliances, stove, and floors with ease and efficiency.

Reliable E40 VIVA Steam Cleaner On SaleFor those looking to step up from E20 and wanting continuous steam, a faster heat up time, and longer run time, the E40 VIVA premium steam cleaner might be the model for you. With dual tanks, this steamer features Reliable's Continuous Steam System that cuts down on cleaning and extends run times by using two internal water tanks. One holds a cold water reserve while the other is the boiler that generates continuous, sanitizing steam vapor. This allows you to refill without having to wait for the boiler to reheat the steam. Dual heating coils decrease heat up time, and an additional 7 piece accessory kit complements the included cleaning attachments and broadens your ability to clean throughout the home.

Reliable EV1 Tandem Steam Cleaner/Vacuum On SaleSitting at the top of the Reliable premium steam cleaner series in the EV1 Tandem. What makes this steam cleaner so special? I'm glad you asked! It's not only a steam cleaner but also a HEPA vacuum cleaner, all in one convenient package. So not only can you sanitize your floors and surfaces, but cleaning your carpet has never been easier. Unlike hot water extractors (or as they're commonly known, carpet cleaners), the Reliable Tandem won't flood your carpet with water and leave behind excess amounts of water that will invariably collect dirt and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and mold. Instead, the low moisture steam will kill dust mites while the HEPA vacuum feature removes loosened soil and allergens. Best of all it leaves behind no excess moisture and dries in minutes instead of days or hours. The Tandem HEPA steam cleaner is packed with accessories to give you the most options and widest cleaning ability of any premium steam cleaner.

Reliable Premium Steam Cleaners Are Made in ItalyA couple final points to remember. Unlike cheap steam cleaners, these three Reliable premium steam cleaners are made in Italy, the birthplace of steam cleaning. These models also each carry a lifetime warranty on the boiler and, unlike steam mops, are designed for use on nearly any surface in your home.

Have questions about steam cleaning? Visit our Steam Cleaners FAQ page. Of if you're unsure of how a steam cleaner can help you, check out our Top Five Reasons to Buy a Steam Cleaner.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by Shifrah on Monday, April 18, 2011

I do my best to maintain a clean home all year long, but when spring cleaning comes around, I often reassess my cleaning tools and methods. One thing I often review is my cleaning products. With young children and pets in the house – and a desire to keep my indoor air as pollution-free as possible – I rarely, if ever, use harsh chemicals like bleach in my cleaning routine. Instead, I opt for safe and natural products that combine effectiveness, simplicity, gentleness, and cost-efficiency.

Here are my current favorites what I like best about them:

Baking soda. Talk about inexpensive! I get large bags of baking soda at Costco and put one upstairs and one down. I use baking soda as my scrub cleaner. It's non-abrasive, works excellently, and is obviously completely safe! Baking soda is perfect for scrubbing sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and anywhere that needs a good scouring.

White vinegar. Another cleaning product that's so safe, you could eat it, white vinegar is a versatile and natural disinfectant. Use it anywhere you'd use bleach. I use it in conjunction with the baking soda to make toilet bowls sparkle. I spray down cutting boards, sinks, and countertops with it when I handle raw meat or eggs. And I add some to my laundry to deal with odors or to help naturally whiten whites.

Anti-Allergen Solution is my go-to product for cleaning upholstery. Although no one in my family is allergic to cats, we do often have guests that are. Before they come, I give upholstered furniture, carpets, and cushions in the living areas a good spray. Anti-Allergen Solution denatures allergen proteins, including those found in pet dander, on contact, so my cat-allergic guests can enjoy their time in my home without having allergy attacks.

Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent lets me wash bedding and other items that may be full of dust mite allergen in cold water, allowing me to save on energy costs and keep more delicate fabrics from wearing too quickly. Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent is especially great for washing our animals' beds because I can't wash those in hot water, but I still want to know all the pet dander is neutralized!

Aller Air Tub O' Carbon . This powerful odor absorber doesn't cover up odors with allergy-inducing synthetic fragrances, it actually gets rid of them. I stick one in the bathroom that houses the kitty litter box – so I know the Aller Air Tub O' Carbon Odor Buster works, even with heavy duty odors!

Trader Joe's All-Purpose Cleaner. Formulated with essential oils, specifically cedarwood and clary, alcohol and natural surfactants round out the cleaning power of this versatile cleaner that smells of cedar. What I love most about Trader Joe's All-Purpose Cleaner is that it's so versatile! I have bottles and rags in bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room so I can just grab a rag and clean without having to switch products when I go from, say, the mirror, to the sink, to the toilet.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner. A concentrated formula that can be used on floors, countertops, cabinets and more. Although I've read that it's not ideal for glass surfaces, I've used it on mirrors, and it hasn't left any streaks. Formulated with essential oils, this cleaner is biodegradable, earth friendly, and safe. Because it's concentrated, it is extremely cost-effective, and saves me on storage space. As if these things aren't enough to love, Mrs. Meyers scents are fantastic! I love geranium best. So much, in fact, that I look for excuses to clean, just like with my Dyson. Really!

Posted by Jamie on Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Vapamore MR-100 Steam CleanerWe are excited to announce a new addition to our steam cleaners offering—the Vapamore vapor steam cleaner. This compact and lightweight cleaning weapon is perfect if you have some steam cleaning jobs around your home.

The Vapamore MR-100 is a multi-purpose steam cleaner that uses powerful steam to clean and sanitize without using harsh cleaning chemicals, detergents, and abrasives. It provides a high temperature, dry steam that penetrates hard-to-reach areas to loosen and remove dirt, grime, stains, grease, bacteria, fungus, and mold. Just fill it up, turn it on, and start cleaning with 250° steam. The high temperature can kill dust mites and even bed bugs.

Do you want a healthy cleaning alternative? Then, this eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning system comes with a wide range of included attachments that enable you to clean almost any surface in and around your home including: hard surface floors, kitchen areas, bathroom surfaces, sinks, tubs, showers, tile, grout, counter tops, toilets, and stove tops.

Do you want more information? Then, check out a video of the Vapamore steam cleaner in action!

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