Nothing says ‘I Suck,’ Quite Like a Vacuum

Valentine's Day Do's and Dont'sAside from being my parent's anniversary, February 14th is Valentine's day. Like every Feb. 14th, you're probably completely inundated with ads and offers for flowers, chocolates, and every other product, all with a Valentine's day spin. Rather than make a list of our products that would make the ‘perfect’ gift, instead I'm going give you what might be the worst gift.

_Unless you're a really in to vacuuming or have a weird fascination with cleanliness like me, a vacuum cleaner probably isn't high on your list of ‘hot’ Valentine's Day gifts. This isn't to say a HEPA vacuum isn't beneficial or an important part of reducing allergens throughout your home.

_Cleaning with a HEPA vacuum is a great way to remove many of the particle allergens that often settle on floors and other surfaces. With a high quality vacuum cleaner, things like pollen, pet dander, and dust mite allergen are filtered out instead of just being blow around.

_And though Miele seems to be the only early adopter of the philosophy that indoor air quality (IAQ) matters, it is likely that appliances that can clean without sacrificing IAQ are going to be the way of the future. With all that being said, nothing can send the message ‘I suck’ quite like a vacuum.

_Vacuum cleaners, much like pans, mops, or a new stove, are necessary domestic appliances. Though you can certainly put a bow on any of them, that doesn't mean they are the gift your valentine was hoping to receive.

_You don't need a special occasion to improve your health, and anytime is a good time to trade in your old dust bucket for a newer, cleaner model (still talking about vacuums here). So tomorrow, get something sweet or shiny, but heartfelt and you can start looking for a new vacuum – on Wednesday.

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