Drinking Alcohol and Allergies

Everyone is coming out with a “Best Movies of the Year” list this month. One movie likely to be on the list is the popular 2009 summer movie the Hangover, which told the story of four friends and their comical adventures after a night of drinking in Las Vegas. The movie caused big laughs in the theater, but alcohol can cause more than a hangover. Drinking alcohol and allergies can be closely linked for many people, and no matter if it’s grain alcohol, beer or wine, alcohol can trigger or exacerbate symptoms for some with allergies.

In this article last week on the Medical News Today web site, they talk about the possible ingredients in alcohol that could trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

One of the preservatives found in wine is sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is found in many foods that trigger allergy symptoms. Another cause might be histamine generated by the bacteria and yeast in alcohol. During an allergic reaction, histamine is naturally released by the body, so an increase in your histamine levels from drinking alcohol can worsen allergy symptoms.

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and be aware of the dangers of drinking too much.

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