Sloane Miller on Emergency Allergy Action Plans

Last week we reported on the death of a local Atlanta teen who, though habitually vigilant about his peanut allergy, experienced a fatal allergy attack.

Today in article Deaths are a reminder of food allergy dangers, Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, who is an author, food allergy advocate, and life coach, highlights the importance of allergy sufferers having a food action plan: ‘The untimely, tragic and preventable deaths last week of two young men in Georgia highlight the seriousness of food allergies and the need for people with food allergies to have an Emergency Allergy Action Plan.’

Routinely counseling people with food allergies about how to live happy yet safe lives, Ms. Miller is an authority on Emergency Allergy Action Plans. She offers the following three points on what it means to take your food allergies seriously:

  • Understanding what you are allergic to and relying on a medical team including a board certified allergist that understands food allergies.
  • Creating an emergency allergy action plan with an allergist that includes always carrying your emergency medication, including an autoinjector of epinephrine.
  • Creating a robust support network of friends family teachers colleagues who can assist in an emergency.

A few years ago, we here at had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Sloane. 'Allergic Girl' Sloane Miller on Living Well with Food Allergies discusses Ms. Miller's personal history with allergies, her experience becoming a life coach, and some of her top tips for helping others with food allergies eat out and travel safely.

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