Children with Food Allergies: Twice as Many as We Thought

Before I began writing for, I had little involvement with allergies. I don't typically suffer from allergies myself (although I do have allergies when pregnant) and no one in my family has any food allergies.

I wasn't writing about allergies for long before I began to realize how acutely quality of life is affected for those with allergies. What hit me hardest was that people with certain allergies, like food allergies, can actually die from the condition.

This realization, coming as it did in my late 20's and only because I was in a sense forced to engage with the information, is I think typical of many Americans' lack of knowledge about allergies in general and food allergies specifically.

Of course I knew that food allergies like peanut allergies or milk allergies could be life-threatening, but the possibility seemed remote. However, with the number of food allergic children on the rise, the prevalence of such reactions is much less remote than it was

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