Feeding Food Allergies

For anyone with severe food allergies, one of the most basic needs can feel like a perpetual challenge – eating. Eating out is a near constant worry, and even preparing your own meals can be difficult, particularly when first diagnosed and trying to come up with safe, healthy alternatives. As food allergies have dramatically increased in occurrence and awareness, there has been a variety of companies spring up to help meet the needs of this growing population. Tailored and specially designed foods, free of allergens, are growing in popularity, but it can still be daunting in trying to select the right products for your needs.

_A friend of mine recently introduced me to Pamela's Products. Tracing its history as a offshoot of a family health food bakery in the early 1940's, Pamela's Products specializes in gluten-free foods. More than that, they also specialize in allergen free food and recipes. Allergy information is posted so you can check before you try.

_As with any new recipe or food product, I always suggest trying it out before jumping all the way in. You can find many of Pamela's Products in brick and mortar stores like Whole Foods and even supermarket chains or order larger quantities online.

_Do you have any specific recipes you want to share for food allergy sufferers? Leave a comment and we'll post it!

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