Teens with Food Allergies Take Dangerous Risks

WFRV reports that many teens with food allergies are taking dangerous risks. A new survey shows that 54 percent of teens sometimes intentionally eat food they know may harm them, and only 61 percent always carry their Epi-Pen.

Researchers blame peer pressure and lack of education for the frightening findings.

Dr. Stanley Fineman of the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic says, ‘My biggest fear [about a particular patient] is that he wouldn't tell someone because he gets embarrassed when he starts breaking out.’

About 2 million school-aged kids have food allergies. Children with tree nut allergies and asthma appear to be at the greatest risk for severe or life-threatening injuries.

Food Allergy Restaurant Cards make it easier for many people to deal with their food allergy when dining out.

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