Germiest Spots at Home


Staying allergy free is ultimately about keeping you and your family healthy. So when I saw Fox News's recent piece on the Germiest Places in Your House, I considered it perfect news to share with our allergic readers. Without further ado, here is a list of the places in your home that you should take extra precaution to keep clean:

  • _Faucets in both the kitchen and bathrooms are ridden with bacteria. In fact, a 2008 study conducted by the Hygiene Council found that 52 percent of kitchen faucets harbor E. coli. In fact, your bathroom faucet, surprisingly, is usually dirtier than the toilet.
  • The kitchen sink has 100,000 times more bacteria than the bathroom.
  • Refrigerator door handles, according to a University of Virginia study, hold cold germs 40 percent of the time.
  • Not surprisingly, cold sufferers often leave their germs behind on the remote control, where infectious germs can survive for up to two days.
  • Salt and pepper shakers, though we may not think of them as germ-transmitters, are among the most handled items in the home.
  • The cordless phone is another germ hotspot hosting about 25,000 microbes per square inch.
  • Don't forget to give those light switches a good clean also. They're frequently touched, and can pass on many germs and therefore sicknesses.

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