Posted by R. Power on Thursday, November 13, 2014
For about a week now, my cough has escalated to the point where I feel as if I'm about to cough up a lung on my desk. And while I want to run outside and enjoy the crisp late fall air, I simply can't until this cough is gone. I like to stay as natural as possible, so before grabbing the cough syrup, here is what I've been doing to seek relief for my coughing spell.

More Natural Remedies for Your Winter Cough
Good ole Ricola -Their trademark "Magic 10 herbs"(Lemon Balm, Horehound, Elder, Peppermint, Mallow, Sage, Thyme, Lime Flowers, Hyssop & Wild Thyme) all happen to be within the mint (lamiaceae) or mallow (malvaceae) families, with the exception of the Elder. All of these plants seem to have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to help fight bacterial infections. In my opinion, Ricola's are also delicious so they're not really a burden and taste much better than other cough drops.

Echinacea tea - This was a pleasant surprise! I was recently given a box of tea of what I thought was just peppermint tea (a natural decongestant), but when I opened the box I saw that it was also filled with Echinacea tea! Echinacea is great for your immune system, and has been used by Native Americans for over 400 years as a "cure-all" plant. It contains flavonoids, alkamides, and glyoprotiens, all chemical components that contribute to this aster's therapeutic role in herbal remedies. The combination of these two teas have definitely made my cough easier to deal with.

Local Honey - Honey is a natural cough suppressant. I have many memories of my mom making me and my cousins eat a spoonful of honey, lime juice, and a slice of a beet. I used to whine more than all the rest about this, but now that I'm older the trio isn't bad at all... though I still don't know why the beet was ever added to this mix.

Morning showers - I feel like a completely different person after a hot shower! It helps me loosen up the congestion that's collected in my body throughout the night and lets me drain it all out without feeling dirty or gross afterwards. If I'm feeling really ambitious in the morning, I'll put a few drops of Silk Swan eucalyptus essential oil in a dish and set it in the corner of my shower to aid the decongestion process.

Stadler Form Anton - Cool Mist HumidifierStadler Form Anton humidifier - this compact humidifier has been doing wonders for me this week! As the temperature drops, so does the amount of moisture air can hold, and putting much needed moisture back into the air is where a humidifier can make all the difference. As soon as I started to notice a drop in humidity, I pulled it out of the closet and plugged it in. Already I can feel a difference. Stadler Form humidifiers are nice because some models allow you to use essential oils in the tank, which I love.

Hopefully, with all of this natural relief paired up with plenty of sleep and water, I will be completley cough-free by next week. I think the most helpful tools that I'm using to fight this cough are my Stadler humidifier and the herbal teas. If you are trying to go on a natural path for decongestion and sore throat relief, I highly suggest the humidifier, herbal teas with honey, and plenty of beauty rest!

Author: R. Power

Posted by kevvyg on Monday, October 20, 2014
Oskar Cool Mist Humidifiers Now in ColorSo maybe they're not quite as colorful as technicolor, but you do now have a wider selection when it comes to choosing the Oskar top-fill humidifier that is right for your home.

Last season, the Oskar humidifiers quickly took their place as some of the most popular humidifiers we offer. From a unique modern design and quiet operation to an easy, top-fill feature and the ability to use nearly any type of water, it's fairly easy to see why the Oskars have been a strong choice amongst those looking to restore moisture and comfort to their homes during the cooler, drier fall and winter months.

Initially, the Oskar was available in white or black with the Oskar Big only being available in black. In addition to those colors, the smaller Oskar (the Economist) is available in Berry and Metal, while the Oskar Big now also comes in white. If you want to learn more about the Oskar Humidifier by Stadler Form for to see the Oskar humidifier in action.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, October 16, 2014
Halloween is Coming!While the leaves have yet to turn here in Atlanta, it is certainly feeling like fall. Mornings in the 50's, cool breezes at night, and longer stretches with nothing but cool, dry air are all good indicators that summer is officially in the books (not to mention the Halloween decorations popping up). Not only can you expect trick-or-treaters to be show up on your doorstep in the hopes of making the local dentist a very happy man, but all this cooler, dry weather can bring out more than a few ghosts and goblins. Even though a Pure Guardian humidifier doesn't come with candy to appease your guests to be, it can deliver moisture back to your indoor air and restore a measure of comfort to your home.

This season, Pure Guardian has a couple new humidifier to help combat dry indoor air and restore humidity levels to healthier, more comfortable levels. The first of these is the Pure Guardian H4610 dual mist humidifier. As an ultrasonic humidifier the H4610 operates in near silence and features a large, two gallon capacity tank. For you this means fewer trips to the faucet since this model can run for up to 120 hours between refills. New Pure Guardian H4610 HumidifierSecond, for light sleepers, there's less chance of being kept awake by this appliance running. A nightlight, timer, and auto shutoff round out some of the features of this large room humidifier.

If you're looking for something a little smaller, the Pure Guardian H1510 ultrasonic humidifier might be a good fit. This model is more simplistic in design, but also comes with a lower price point to match. With easy-to-use manual dial controls, this no frills humidifier offers pre-warmed or cool mist humidification for small and medium size bedrooms. Like the larger H4610 it is quiet and requires very little maintenance, and does have a small nightlight that illuminates the blue water tank.

Both of these humidifiers have pretty reasonable price tags, and like all Pure Guardian humidifiers, there are no standard replacement parts. If you have hard water, you can opt for a demineralization cartridge, but because their Silver Clean Technology is embedded into the water tank itself, there are no hygiene accessories to replace. Plus, each comes standard with a three year warranty.

You can see the full line of Pure Guardian ultrasonic humidifiers or if you just want to enter into a drawing for a FREE Achoo! Allergy t-shirt, visit the Facebook page, like, and post your Halloween picture.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Friday, October 03, 2014
Shameless Plug - My God Daughter Looking Very Surprised... Perhaps Fall Snuck Up On Her? Nah!Summer seemed to go so fast this year, and with Halloween just around the corner, many of us are looking towards Halloween or wondering if the furnace needs to be checked before colder temperatures arrive. This time of year can be deceiving though, and with warm temperatures during the day, fall can sneak up on some of us. For me the signals that fall are here are twofold - the first morning I notice a chill in the air as I have my coffee on the patio and the first time I start to notice dry skin on my arms and elbow. Check and check! The latter is something that many of us will turn to a humidifier to help relieve. A home humidifier is a very simple and effective way to put moisture back into your indoor air, relieving the symptoms of dry indoor air. New for this year, Air-O-Swiss has rolled out a new model that features the highest output and largest capacity of any humidifier they offer.

The New Air-O-Swiss U700 Dual Mist HumidifierThe Air-O-Swiss U700 is an ultrasonic humidifier that offers both cool mist and prewarmed mist features, and if you are trying to restore comfort to a dry home, there are few better ways to go about it than with the U700. With a tank that holds a full two gallons of water, the U700 will run longer between refills than comparable models while putting more moisture back into the air. Over a full day, this home humidifier can put four gallons of moisture back into your indoor air, enough to handle very large spaces and some of the most severe dry conditions. Both of these figures, for tank capacity and output, surpass all other Air-O-Swiss humidifier models.

As a U series humidifier the AOS U700 has the soft-touch control panel and LCD screen that you may be accustomed to. While it's really simple to set your humidity, get a AOS U700 LCD Display & Advanced quick read of the current humidity level and adjust your output the control panel of the U700 offers several more features. It will remind you when to periodically clean the tank and allow you to set a timer. You can take advantage of the automatic feature and let the Intelligent Temperature Compensation (ITC) mode adjust humidity output based on changing temperatures in the space, keeping humidity optimal despite fluctuations. There is also a new self-cleaning feature. So, once you add EZCal, it will run through a descaling process for you. Lastly, the control panel has an auto-shutoff and auto dimming feature for night time use.

For light sleepers, the auto dimming display and extremely quiet operation of this humidity will allow you to sleep through the night, undisturbed, and when you wake in the morning, no sore throat, no dry cough, and no dry or cracked sinuses.

AIROSWISS U700 Streamlined Design & Dual HandlesThe AirOSwiss U700 humidifier offers a new look from other U series models. Like the others, it has a clean, white finish and smooth lines. Unlike the others, it has a collapsible handle on top that seats flush with the body, and definitely has an Apple-like look to it, with rounded corners and a transparent center. While filling you'll also notice that there's a second handle built into the bottom of the tank, so top of bottom, you always have a.... handle of the situation. (My terrible Friday pun of the day!)

Overall, I really liked this model. Fewer refills, excellent design, and it retains the hygienic features that have been staples with Air-O-Swiss humidifiers: Hydro Cell (with activated carbon), Demineralization Cartridge (with ionic silver in the housing), and Ultrasonic Technology. The warranty is a good three years, though if the U700 is like other AOS models, you can expect to get two to three times as many years of use.

To read more about, view more photos, or to Buy the Air-O-Swiss U700 humidifier or to view all home humidifiers.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Thursday, January 09, 2014
Cold, cold, cold! That's what held a vise-like grip on most of the country this weekend/week. While some places did receive snow, in areas like Atlanta, it was just bitterly cold (no offense to people stuck dealing with negative temperatures). Like many people, I took a break from jogging outside and instead spent most of my evenings inside. For me it wasn't until this past weekend that it really set in - it was time to pull out the humidifier.

Many of you use humidifiers, and when the temperatures sink and the furnaces kick on, it's not hard to figure out why. Waking up with a sore throat or dry sinuses. Having perpetually chapped lips or dry spots on your skin no matter how much lotion you use. Sweeping and dusting, The New Pure Guardian H7550 Ultrasonic Humidifier sweeping and dusting, just to see a rainbow of dust illuminated by the light coming through the window. Not to mention houseplants that seem to turn to nothing more than sticks after a day without water.

It's on this note that I wanted to take a few minutes to mention a new humidifier we've added to our offering. As some may have noticed, the super-high capacity Pure Guardian H4500 and H4600 humidifiers have been discontinued. One of the models replacing these is the new Pure Guardian H7550 humidifier. Though it's not quite as large as H4000 series units, it makes up for it with some very unique and new features.

The new Pure Guardian H7550 humidifier is a dual mist, ultrasonic model. Unlike previous Pure Guardian and Germ Guardian models, this unit features a more modern, slick design with soft touch buttons and a crisp digital display. The performance of the H775 is very similar to other Pure Guardian models, and like the others, it has a blue nightlight that can be turned off. As mentioned though, the controls and the look are very different. You might also notice the tube sticking out of the top of this unit. There are two extension wands that fit where the output nozzle does. The mist travels up then out into the room, with the theory being the higher the moisture is dispersed, the more thorough and efficient humidification will be. H7550 Digital Control Panel There is a regular output nozzle that also comes with the unit in case the extension tubes aren't a route you want to go.

As you can see from the picture, the humidity is terrible low in our office. So for the time being, I think this model is likely to stay right where it is. However, we do have them in stock and ready to ship the same day. The price of the H7550 comes in near the H4000 models at $179.00.

Home humidifiers serve a variety of purpose during the winter. Not only do they put much needed moisture back into the air to relieve dry, itchy skin, but they can help reduce irritation from eczema and relief cold and flu symptoms. Putting the right amount of moisture back in the air can also help to reduce levels of airborne house dust and even make heating your home more efficient. So, while the weather is finally starting to warm, there are at least a few more months of winter ahead, which means more months of your furnace turning your indoor air into a desert wasteland. Taking a small step can sometimes make a big difference in how you feel.

To see our full line of quality room humidifiers.

Author: Kevin Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Monday, November 25, 2013
With the response we've had to the adding the Stadler Form humidifiers to our offering, we decided to include another, Anton. Anton fits nicely in the line of humidifiers as a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use humidifier, that's perfect for one particular group of people. Who you ask?

There are a few things that set Anton apart from other ultrasonic humidifiers. The first thing you'll likely notice are the colors. Unlike others, this model actually offers you a variety of colors. Even more than that, the color selection goes beyond the standard black, white and grey that typify most humidifiers.

The Stadler Form Anton Humidifier Comes in Six Colors

For those interested, "Azurro" is not only the Italian word for light blue, but it's also an old Italian pop song from 1968, though the spelling is a little different. Trivia aside, the colors range from the regular to the vibrant.

The next thing that makes Anton unique is its size. Empty, it weighs about 4lbs. and stands less than a foot high. Lightweight and Compact, Anton Fits in the Palm of My HandThis makes Anton a great fit in smaller bedrooms, dorm rooms and nurseries. Despite the small stature, Anton is stable. Like the Oskar, it has a steel base that keeps it firmly in place regardless of what surface you place it on. Anton is literally small enough to fit in the palm of my hand!

At this point you've probably guessed what particular group of people the Anton is perfect for - kids and teens! Not only do the colors make it a better fit, but the size does as well. These two things are the only reasons why it's an excellent model kids, teens and young adults. As an ultrasonic humidifier, Anton is extremely quiet, so the low hum wouldn't even disturb a sleeping baby, but since there's not boiling mechanism it's also very safe. Lastly, the Anton humidifier is very easy to use. Granted, it lacks some of the features of more expensive models, but in its simplicity, it is ideal for those who just need a humidifier to keep their indoor air more comfortable and helps relieve things like dry skin, chapped lips, night time coughing, sore throats and dry sinus passages. There are basically three controls - a power button, a slide to set your humidity output and a button to dim/turn off the small indicator light for use at night.

All of these things combine to make Anton a great humidifier for kids, teens or even your college age, young adults. Size, colors and ease of use set it apart, and not matter which color you select, each Anton can provide soothing cool mist moisture during the harsh winter months.

What's next? Choose your color and shop Anton humidifiers by Stadler Form, of course!

Author: KevvyG

Posted by kevvyg on Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Crane Adorable Child HumidifiersAs part of our expansion of our humidifier offering, we've now added select cool mist humidifiers by Crane. Crane is known for the animal/character themed design as well as their ease of use. So whether dry indoor air is making your child feel a little less than "froggy" or a night time cough is driving you "quackers," Crane has an inexpensive and simple solution!

Crane Child Humidifier ControlsBoth Daphnie the Duck and Freddy the Frog are cool mist humidifiers that use ultrasonic technology to quickly and effectively disburse moisture back into indoor air. Compact and lightweight, these models are perfect for a child's bedroom. Holding about a gallon of water each, both can help relieve symptoms of eczema (like itchy skin), asthma (like a dry night time cough), or just general symptoms of dry indoor air, like chapped lips, dry or painful nasal passages.

You simply remove the tank, fill, then set your humidity level and let it run! If you have hard water, you can pick up an optional demineralization cartridge/filter to remove mineral content. No hard water or you use distilled water? Then it's ready to go right out of the box.

Crane Ultrasonic HumidifierAs a couple other notes about these humidifiers, there are no BPAs or phthalates in the plastic used, and since both are cool mist humidifiers, there are no heating elements or boiling water to worry about if it gets knocked over or spills. And, both the Crane Duck humidifier and Crane Frog humidifier will automatically shut off once the tank is empty.

Each of these are in stock and ready to ship today or can be picked up from our showroom. I like them for a few reasons - cost, simplicity, and they're much easier on the eyes (especially in a kid's room) than most other models. Granted they lack some of the snazzy features and length of warranty of models that cost two to three times as much, but as basic way to restore humidity back into your indoor air, this duck (and frog), might fit the "bill."

And the last reason why I like these humidifiers? Bad puns galore! Just as a side note... is the "Crane Duck" anything like a "Lion Tiger"?

Author: KevvyG

Posted by KevvyG on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Stadler Form William Ultrasonic HumidifierThe next new Stadler Form humidifier to grace the Achoo runway, is the William. Like the Oskar, William sounds more like the guy who sits in the cubicle next to you and less like a humidifier, but no, William is a compact ultrasonic humidifier that can put a LOT of moisture back into the air in a relatively short period of time. This humidity can particularly help people dealing with allergies, asthma or eczema during the dry winter months. We try not to be too terribly formal here at the office, so what's to like about "Lil' Bill?"

First, William is very quiet, nearly inaudible even when running at its highest setting. Second is the robust moisture output. Winter time means people are using furnaces, heaters and wood burners - all of which can dry out a house in no time at all. To combat this, William can pump out up to three and a half gallons of moisture back into the dry air in your home. This capacity is a bit more than comparable ultrasonic humidifiers.

Large Digital Display - Stadler Form William HumidifierAnother feature I really like about Stadler Form's William is the control panel. There's a nice big digital display that shows you the current humidity, output level, and whether or not the prewarm feature is activated. From this panel you can set your humidity level, use the "sleep" or "automatic" modes, and adjust your output. This is important since even during the winter months just enough humidity is good and comforting, and too much can be a little too comforting for things like mold or dust mites. As the foam finger in the picture points out, it's large enough to let you know all you need to with just a quick glance.

When you open up the William, there are two things you might notice. First, to help prevent the growth of microbes, germs and bacteria, William has a small white device located in the nebulizer compartment. This Ionic Silver Cube emits silver ions which keep the water in the tank hygienic and free of microbes. You also might notice the water is warm in the compartment (if you have the prewarm feature on).

William is Hygienic with His Ionic Silver CubeOverall the Stadler Form William humidifier is small but powerful (put two regular size cereal boxes back to back and that's about the size of this model). So whether you find yourself waking up with a dry cough, dry or painful sinuses, itchy skin or chapped lips, the William can help!

For more information about the popular Stadler Form William humidifier or to see the full line of Stadler Form humidifiers.

Author: K. Gilmore

Posted by kevvyg on Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Stadler Form Oskar HumidifierThis season we are rolling out the addition of a couple new brands of humidifiers, so keep an eye out for the new offering in the coming weeks. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the Oskar by Stadler Form. Yes, I know. Oskar is a... unique name for a humidifier, but with all Stadler Form models, you will notice some interesting names. Without further ado, meet Oskar!

Oskar is an evaporative room humidifier that uses evaporative wicks/filters and a small fan to distribute moisture back into the air in your home. Compact and lightweight, the Oskar is small enough to fit on a desk, end table or on the floor. With two fan speeds and some basic indicator lights (that can be dimmed), Oskar won't keep you up at night with noise or light.

Oskar Control PanelA couple features of the Oskar include an Ionic Silver Cube to help keep the water inside this humidifier hygienic and free of microbes, as well as push button controls to regulate the speed and humidity output in room. (Match the indicator lights with the manual to set the humidity.) The Oskar also uses very little power, only 18 watts at its highest setting. This means you could literally run this humidifier, non-stop, for a year, and it would cost you less than a large pizza!

Refilling Oskar is Easy!Available in two colors (white and black), the Oskar has one really nice feature that adds convenience - a trap door! Push the side compartment, and it pops open, giving you an easy way to fill the Oskar without having any tank to remove and refill. You can fill a small pitcher with water, pop the side hatch and refill the Oskar without even turning it off.

Oskar is also a bit like a hobbit, short and squat. Square, with a steel base, the Oskar humidifier is more stable than taller models, and unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, you can use any type of water. Softened water is fine since there is no diaphragm (like with ultrasonic models) that can be damaged, and mineral content simply stays in the filter/wick or will settle in the base. Annually, you can take a small amount of vinegar and water or another descaling agent and remove any mineral buildup with just a dampened cloth.

Oskar Evaporative Wicks/Filters - Use Any Type of WaterOskar can be a big help during the fall and winter months, when home heating systems can dry out your home aggravating asthma and eczema. Easy to use, convenient, and priced right, this model works well in most bedrooms, and comes with a two year warranty. If you want to see more of the Stadler Form Oskar humidifier. Oh, and keep an eye out for the write up on his big brother, Oskar Big.

Author: KevvyG

Posted by Cordelia on Wednesday, December 15, 2010
During the winter months, having a humidifier in your home is essential to maintain environmental control of allergens. Dry air may bring on or exacerbate eczema, may lead to itchy or inflamed mucous membranes, and can dry out allergens which makes them more easily airborne and more readily inhaled.

Choosing the right humidifier for your needs is very important. Ultimately you will want to achieve a balance between ease of use, cleaning and good humidification.

Types of humidifier:
  • Ultrasonic - spray mist into the air using ultrasonic vibrations. The ultrasonic vibrations also kill most microbes in the water.
  • Evaporative - Evaporative humidifiers, rely on the basic principle of evaporation. These units have wicks that absorb the water and a fan that pushes the moist air out and through the room.
  • Warm Mist - They either boil or heat the water before spraying a warm mist into the air. The heating process kills much of the mold and bacteria in the water. Many people find these more comfortable during the colder months of the year.
  • Cool Mist - They emit a cool (room temperature) vapor into the air. Many people find these more comfortable during the warmer times of the year.
  • Dual Mist - These popular humidifiers allow you to choose whichever is more comfortable.
Humidifier Highlights:

#1 Rated Model: Air-O-Swiss 7135 - recently rated the top of its category in home humidifiers. From hygiene and safety to ease of use and coverage area, the AOS 7135 ultrasonic humidifier came in as the recommended model for home humidification.

Other Great Models:

Enviracaire 211-D Warm Mist Humidifier – In addition to soothing warm mist, this humidifier has a medicine cup so that you can add medications to the mist. It also has a large germicidal chamber with a UV light. It offers virtually total protection from airborne contaminants.

Air-O_Swiss 7146 Travel Humidifier – This useful little unit is very small and uses a water bottle so is terrific when travelling.

Swizz Fred Humidifier – This cool look humidifier has won design awards and will not just humidify but make a statement as well. Comes in fire engine red or space ship silver!

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