Dealing with Unexpected Indoor Air Pollution

The more you know about the dangers of the toxic chemicals that are all around us, the more you do your best to avoid them. Simple lifestyle changes like swapping Windex for a homemade vinegar solution to clean glass and major decisions like choosing to purchase a natural foam mattress instead of a typical one filled with poisonous flame retardants are all affected by a desire to minimize exposure to noxious fumes.

But what happens when indoor air pollution ‘attacks’? What can you do when you know the air you're breathing is toxic but there's nothing you can do to stop the pollution? Here's what I mean: Last Friday, a maintenance man came to our apartment to fix a leaking A/C unit. (I hate to even think about the mildew that must be forming in the pipes, not to mention the patch of carpet that has been perpetually damp. Good thing we're moving next month.)

Part of what the worker did involved using some kind of spray adhesive, which I wasn't warned about beforehand. The fumes were instantly overwhelming

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