IQAir New Edition Air Purifiers

IQAir has long been a leader in air filtration, and as part of their largest upgrade to their residential air purifier offering, they have introduced the New Edition of their HealthPro and MultiGas models. The IQAir New Edition air purifiers are already in many homes and can be identified by ‘NE’ on the outer box labeling. So what are some of the features of the New Edition IQAir Purifiers?

_The upgraded IQ Air purifiers have three key upgrades when it comes to performance.

  • Up to 25% More Clean Air
  • Up to 38% Longer Filter Life
  • Lastly, 32% Quieter

_These three features address some drawbacks that can be found with most air purifiers. First, the increase in cleaner air comes, in part, from a redesigned motor. This more aerodynamic motor moves more air through the filters than before.

Second, the longer filter life comes from an increase in the prefilter and HyperHEPA filter media. As an example, the old HyperHEPA filters typically had 30 sq. feet of HEPA filter media, while the new filters have 53 sq. ft. Longer life also comes with advances in the actual pleating of the media during construction. New Edition GC MultiGas Air PurifierThese two things combine to allow for greater filtration efficiency. With larger, more efficient prefilters and HEPA filters, the IQAir HealthPro and GC MultiGas models are able to last longer while cleaning more air.

Lastly, the noise is considerably less. Despite pushing more air through more filter media, the redesigned fans create less noise on all settings. Consequently, the actual power consumption of the all four residential IQAir models has decreased, meaning your IQAir costs you even less to operate! has been shipping the new models for a few weeks now, so if you've ordered in that time period, chances are good you have one of the IQAir New Edition air purifiers. If not, now is the time to try one and see the difference!

_Author: K. Gilmore

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