Why I Love My Danby Dehumidifier

We live in Atlanta in a home with a basement, so we experience our fair share of humidity inside our house. A couple years ago, we invested in a Danby dehumidifier, and we couldn't be happier with it. Here are a few reasons why I love our Danby dehumidifier:

  • Digital controls make setting humidity levels a breeze. The remote control makes it even easier.
  • The built-in humidity guage makes setting humidity levels simple enough that even I can do it. Additionally, with just a glance, we can see what current humidity levels are in the room.
  • Lightweight units make the dehumidifier portable. It's easy for us to move it to our top floor when we need to supplement our air conditioning. Then, it's easy to take it back down to the basement for continual dehumidification.
  • 50 pint capacity and optional drainage hose makes for easy maintenance, while the unit is running.
  • Two fan speeds give us a choice between highest power levels and quiet operation.

Every time we use it, I'm impressed with the Danby dehumidifier's performance. With a 20 percent savings through the end of May, now is a great time to get a unit of your own.

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