Mask and Pollen Count Update

Just as an update on a couple recent posts….

_Vogmask Pink Rose Coming Soon!First, look for the addition of the Vogmasks to our mask line up. We're a couple weeks away, but this will also include a product review by Achoo staffers. We had been leaning towards giving these masks a trial run, and the positive feedback to this post just gave that effort a little more momentum. The feedback is very appreciated! Besides, that's why we're here – to provide the products you want!

_Second, the pollen count yesterday in Atlanta was 8164, and that smashed the old record… until this morning. The current count from this morning is 9369, and judging by the amount of sniffling sneezers, it's not going unnoticed.

_The margin of difference between the last week's record and the new one, as it relates to Mr. Chestnut? 106. I think your record is safe for now Joey.

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