Miele Flamenco II – Still Sucking!

Miele Flamenco II - 12 Years and Still Sucking!Last week, we had a local customer stop by with a Miele that had stopped working. When I saw it, I immediately recognized the body shape and styling as an old S200 model canister, and upon closer inspection, I did indeed find that it was a Miele Flamenco II. As the pictures shows, it is a little rough for wear, but most of it seems to be scuffs. The customer informed us that her Miele would not power up. This can generally mean anything from a bad switch or circuit board to a faulty thermal cut out or issue with the motor. After some initial testing, my coworker declared that it was likely the motor. Sitting nearby, I laughed. Somewhat indignant, he then asked me what I thought it was. Though I couldn't say, I was willing to bet $5 that it was NOT the motor.

_We checked the label on the bottom – 2002. Surely it wasn't the motor. It was only 12 years old! To further test this theory (and win my wager), I brought in my multi-meter from home, the next morning. After checking the cord reel, the motor and the plug, it started to become increasingly clear that I was going to win my bet.

_With the multi-meter we were able to narrow the source of the problem down to the plug. After replacing the cord and reassembling the Flamenco, it was time for a test. Sure enough, it started right up without issue!

_There were a couple things I took away from this. Something we often talk about with a Miele vacuum is the initial cost but viewing a Miele as an investment. Each is built to provide you 20 years of reliable cleaning service, and in the age of ‘throwaway’ everything, including cheap home appliances, this is no small thing. Even after twelve years of use, this Flamenco was going strong, and a simple replacement of the plug had it up and running like new. The other thing I took away from this was…. lunch!

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_Author: Kevin Gilmore

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  1. Susana October 26, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    My Miele Flamenco II is 19 yrs. old and still working fine, but yesterday, the locking mechanism” on the hose end of the wand broke. I contacted one dealer about a replacement part and he said I'd have to buy a whole new wand!!$85-$115 I couldn't afford it even if I thought it were fair. I'm contacting MieleUSA tomorrow today is Sunday; if they tell me the same, a pox on their house. I'll use duct tape if necessary.”

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