Mosquito Bite Itch Is an Allergic Reaction

Mosquito bite saliva causes an allergic reaction, which is what makes mosquito bites itch.

Summertime is fast approaching, and in addition to barbeques and picnics and swimming and no school and all that other fun stuff, it also means the re-emergence of those buzzing, blood-sucking little pests, mosquitoes.

I've always been one of those lucky people whom ‘mosquitoes don't like,’ and I could stand outside in the muggiest weather at sunset without a problem while everyone around me was getting eaten alive.

Recently, though, I learned that the itchiness accompanying bug bites is not necessarily something that occurs with every bite. Actually, the itchiness results from an allergic reaction to the mosquitoes' saliva, as this Washington Post article mentions. So, apparently, I may be getting bitten just as often; I'm just less allergic to mosquito saliva.

Allergic reactions to mosquito saliva can increase with increased exposure, so even those who, like me, aren't that bothered by mosquitoes now should consider taking precautions against getting bitten.

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, doing what you can to make sure mosquitoes don't bite in the first place is the surest way to keep mosquito bites from spoiling your summer fun.

The problem is that many mosquito repellents contain harsh chemicals that can irritate those with chemical sensitivities or sensitive skin. Before slathering on mainstream repellents that might give you another kind of itch, check out Herbal Armor DEET Free Insect Repellent, an allergy-friendly alternative.

When bites still occur despite your best efforts, allergy medicine, such as Benadryl, may be taken orally or applied topically through products like Caladryl. Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient, so make sure any generic brands you buy contain it.

Does anyone have any other allergy-friendly mosquito repellent or bite treatment tips?

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